On the Flintstones and the Elite 8

Who could ever forget people as Ann Margrock, Clark Gravel, Stony Curtis and many others? ABC brought us these (and so much more) in TV’s first animated, adult show – The Flintstones. Over the 166 episodes (1960-1966), producers Hanna-Barbera gave us countless memories.

The original 1960 opening was different than the song many know.

Watch a one-minute episode … this is great.

The Flintstones are in a commercial than can’t be imagined today.

Resources for More Information about the Flintstones

Elite 8 Predictions

These are tough picks; actually the other team could easily win.

  • UConn over Missouri
  • Villanova over Pitt
  • Louisville over Michigan State
  • North Carolina over Oklahoma

On Hoops and Handbells

On NCAA Brackets: Round 2
The brackets are now down to 32 and we’ll know the Sweet 16 by the end of the weekend. Since there are some great matchups in this round, here’s a take on some of the this weekend’s games.

Gotta Pick

  • Memphis over Maryland
  • UConn over Texas A&M
  • Villanova over UCLA
  • North Carolina over LSU
  • Oklahoma over Michigan
  • Syracuse over Arizona St
  • Kansas over Dayton
  • Louisville over Siena
  • Michigan State over USC
  • Arizona over Cleveland State b/c I said Arizona didn’t belong

The Coins Says

  • Washington over Purdue
  • Duke over Texas
  • Oklahoma State over Pitt
  • Missouri over Marquette
  • Wisconsin over Xavier

Upset Special

  • Western Kentucky over Gonzaga

PS: Anyone having a problem with President Obama completing a bracket is a problem and needs to get a life.

On Handbells
I’ve mentioned before that my wife and I play in our church’s chime & handbell choir. We played a classic piece on Ash Wednesday, and are playing it again at our first bell fest this weekend. Well, courtesy of YouTube, here’s the piece, but you will notice it is not our group of 13. Enjoy!

On Madness: Hoops and Dance

The NCAA basketball week starts tomorrow and the first cut has been made on Dancing with the Stars. With all that in mind, hear are some random thoughts for the both brackets.

Teams Ready to Upset

  • Portland State – A good team playing a struggling one
  • Utah State – Because they have a lousy football team, thus why not.
  • VCU – A steady program with a great player
  • Western Kentucky – The Hilltoppers have been there before
  • North Dakota State – They love the 3s, plus Kansas has a tendency to either go out early or go a long way
  • Northern Iowa – Because they’ve done it before, and a former work colleague went is an alum
  • Maryland & Arizona – Two power conference teams that I said shouldn’t be in the field, therefore ready to win

Team Ripe for an Upset

  • Xavier – I hate to list a local team here, but the Musketeers have been struggling
  • Washington – Playing a hot SEC team
  • Marquette – Injury to a top player

Top-8 Seeds Most Likely to Miss the Final Four

  • Pitt – I hate their tournament history
  • Michigan State – They’re in a tough bracket
  • Connecticut  – The potential of facing Memphis

For those seeking last more information about the field, see the articles from the Yahoo! Sports Expert’s Corner

Dancing with the Stars

Now that Belinda Carlisle has joined the infamous list of DWTS First Eliminated, here’s how I see the field.

Finalist Leaders
Gilles, Shawn, Melissa

First-Rung Challengers
Lil’ Kim, David

A Chance to Step Forward IF …
Lawrence, Chuck, Ty, Denise

Holly, Steve O,

No Hope