On CFB Ending Shorts

On BCS Championship
Congratulations to Alabama for winning the BCS Championship, as known as the Mythical Champion of College Football. It’s pathetic to think that the new BCS Director plans to stick with the current format.

I feel Texas QB Colt McCoy’s pain. To be injured in a huge game after such a great career must be difficult.

Besides being a political columnist, George Will loves sports – thus the topic occasionally appears in his column. This column about college football is a good read.

On the Sugar Bowl Retrospective
Although congratulations to the Gators, I’m still stinging from the Bearcats poor showing at the Sugar Bowl. Knowing odds were against UC, I was hoping for a respectable showing. Instead, I got a nightmare.

Best Florida Decision: After winning the toss, the Gators’ decision to defer was brilliant. Knowing that scoring on the UC defense would not be a problem, Coach Meyer showed confidence in his defense to stymie the Bearcat offense. I knew UC was in trouble after the first two possessions.

Bearcats Critical Moment: During the first possession and after a first down, RB Jacob Ramsey ran 11 yards for an apparent first down. Wrong – a holding penalty called the play back and the Gator line applied the pressure.

On Tebow
Tim Tebow’s terrific career at Florida is over. Now he awaits the NFL draft and people argue whether or not he’ll make it at that level. Although time will determine his NFL accomplishment, the more I read and hear about the man, I bet he will be very successful in the more important game of life.

I wonder how many people watching the Sugar Bowl checked the Bible verse he displayed on the black under his eyes. For those who didn’t, here’s Ephesians 2: 8-10

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God— not the result of works, so that no one may boast. For we are what he has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life.

On CFB Notes

On Switching Coaches
The situation involving Brian Kelly leaving Cincinnati for Notre Dame is a signal of what is wrong with college football. I simply ask these questions: Do contracts matter? Does finishing the season matter? Obviously the answers are no, and Cincinnati seems to be doing the same thing to Central Michigan, but that doesn’t make it right.

On Brian Kelly
Since arriving at ND, Brian Kelly professes that he did everything right in this transition out of town. Interestingly, Coach Kelly is a great PR guy for a program and demanded the media pay attention as soon as he got to town. On the other hand, not only did he leave town by refusing to talk to the media, he and AD Mike Thomas made players available to the media before the team banquet (and before the players officially knew) while be unavailable. Sorry coach, you don’t put college athletes in that position.

On the BCS Championship Game
Nebraska had Texas between the proverbial rock and hard place, and then decided to take a humanitarian approach and help the Longhorns. After all, a Cornhusker win would put the college football fans and the BCS committee in the unfortunate pickle of selecting one from the unannointed group of Boise, Cincinnati, and TCU. See this recent George Will column.

On the Big 10
The Big Can’t Count is considering expanding from 11 to 12 teams – and I assuming keeping the Big 10 moniker. The move is about dollars as a 12th team means a conference championship game. Besides, stealing one more a Big East team will help disrupt the Big East and push the Big East out of the BCS alignment. Why you ask? Dollars.

On the Last Game
There are many great rivalries in college football, but even in today’s BCS glitz, none can top the game of what college football should be all about: Army-Navy.

On Upcoming BSC Bowl Slots

Bowl-pairing announcements will occur later today. As document through past posts, I’m not a BCS supporter – but it is what it is. Just thought I’d take a bit of time to predict how I see the pairings for the biggest, most lucrative games.

Before that, cheers to my Cincinnati Bearcats for another successful season. Personally, I thought Pitt posed match-up problems. However, after being down by 21, the team showed their fighting spirit and resilience. No matter what happens in their bowl game, next year, or the current coaching situation, it’s been a great year – thus thanks for the memories as they are something that critics, skeptics, and elitists can’t take away!

Below is my predictions how I think the bowl pairings will be …. not necessarily how I think they should be.

BCS Championship Game – Alabama vs. Texas

Rose Bowl – Ohio State vs. Oregon

Sugar Bowl – Cincinnati vs. Florida

Fiesta Bowl – Boise vs. TCU

Orange Bowl – Georgia Tech vs. Iowa

On Final Week College Football Tidbits

On the BCS Series
Sure the BCS Championship committee is licking their chops for Texas vs. Alabama/Florida. Think they will lose sleep if Nebraska beats Texas this weekend? Would they be stuck selecting a team they really don’t want to pick? Would a Nebraska win bump a worthy non-BCS conference school? What if Cincinnati loses to Pitt? What UC be out of the big BCS bowls? Whoa! What if both Nebraska and Pitt win? Bottom line – It’s more about the dollars instead of determining a champion.

On the Notre Dame Job
Coaching the Fighting Irish is one of the most prestigious jobs in the game. Here are a few interesting facts to keep in mind:

  • ND has one of the highest graduation rates in the country; thus academically marginal play elsewhere.
  • ND seldom redshirts players.
  • The last three ND coaches fired had an overall winning record.
  • Coaching ND is pressure packed, but lucrative.

On Brian Kelly
The national media has made it seem that UC football wasn’t on the map until he arrived. Wow – what a misconception! Sure he has taken the Bearcats to the next level, but the program was already moving forward.

Last season the defense had 10 seniors – many of in the NFL. By the way, Brian Kelly didn’t recruit any of them – nor did he recruit any of this year’s seniors. As a matter of fact, his first recruiting class would be juniors without a redshirt – thus most likely sophomores. And how many of his recruits are currently impact players?

There’s no question he can win with Mark Dantonio’s recruits – but the unanswered question is can he win with his own recruits? Time will only tell if he stays at UC – thus why I think he’s bound for South Bend.

On the Bama Bonehead
There’s no doubt in my mind that Alabama is one of the better teams in the country. But the fact they played a nonD1 so late in the season is an insult to the game – simply down-right pathetic!

On College Football Problems

No doubt about it, college football is a great game. Yet, whether scheduling of out-of-conference games (OOC), bias in the polls, or no legitimate national champion, the game has its share of issues. Let us keep in mind that dollars are at the center of many debates. With this post, I’m taking an honest stand that will be unpopular with many fans – then again, that’s what I expect.

Let’s start is the ACC, Big 12, and SEC. These are the 12-team BCS conferences whose fans will be excited this weekend with their conference championship game. Wait a minute – why is there a conference championship game? Sure some fans will say because they have 2 divisions. I say what a bunch of crap! This extra game is all about revenue: revenue for the conference, revenue for the host city, revenue for the network, and possibly revenue for the participating schools. Why not play everyone and only 1 OOC game? Why have a conference if all teams don’t play each other? Oh, that’s right – revenue!

So how about the Big Can’t Count, most commonly known as the Big 10? Here’s a group of power elitists who not only forego a conference championship game by passing on a 12th team, each team doesn’t play 2 conference teams. Why not? Oh, that’s right. Playing more conference games would mean less home games – yep, less revenue.

Let us not forget about the BCS ugly stepsister, also known as the Big East. Given a 12-game schedule and an 8-team league, at least these schools play everyone in a season, but 5 OOC games is too many. Sure it is easy to say “expand by 2 teams” (and I wish they would), but pickings are slim (Temple, Army, and Navy) unless there was a major conference reshuffling – but that won’t happen because a conference would lose it’s title game.

So that leaves the PAC-10 – a 10-team conference without a conference title game, but where all teams face each other while playing 3 OOC games. (Interestingly, as a conference, they play the best OOC schedule). In my opinion, at least they serve as a model of what should be.

After next weekend’s games, the committees will announce pairings for all the bowls – and I can guarantee these things:

  • Elitist fans will demean the existence of the nonBCS schools, and the Big East representative.
  • Many fans will complain about the BCS format and call for a playoff.
  • Fans will forget that the conference title game is one of the extra games working against a playoff.

I can also guarantee that money is the root of the entire situation – including the money made by the conference title game. Bowl committees pick (or don’t pick) teams based on a business decision. The BCS lock-in system exists as a business decision. Meanwhile, as the upper division of college football continues to be the only major sport enterprise without a true champion, my hope of a playoff format continues to be nowhere in sight.