On the All-Time Bills

Buffalo Bill is linked to the wild western frontier, but the reverse is a football team. Bill Clinton was a U.S. President, Bill Cullen a game show host, Bill Cosby an actor, comedian, and role model and Bill Bailey came home to a song.

Bill Gates founded Microsoft, Bill Murray makes us laugh, and Bill Cartwright was a pro athlete would wasn’t on Bonanza – but I do have a good friend Bill who is part of the dinner group on Gilligan’s Island.

Baseball is loaded with Bills. There’s the Yankee manager who loved to fight and got frequently fired and rehired; plus a former first baseman who went on to be AL President. The Hall of Fame even enshrines several umpire Bills.

With Bill being a common name, if you think an All-Bills team will be strong – you betcha – and upper division strong to boot! A team of all-Bills not on this team would soundly drub the All-Time Randys – much to the agreement to my college roommate (Bill) who tragically died in a car accident, who was also a good baseball player and also knew Randy.  I even consider splitting the Bill and Billy, but Bills say they have been called worse.

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Ladies and gentlemen, now taking the field, the All-Time Bills.

1B – Bill Terry (HOF)
2B – Bill Mazeroski (HOF)
SS – Billy Goodman (AS)
3B – Bill Herman (HOF)
C – Bill Dickey (HOF)
OF – Billy Williams (HOF)
OF – Billy Hamilton (HOF)
OF – Bill Buckner (AS)
DH – Bill Madlock (AS)

SP – Bill Foster (HOF)
SP – Billy Pierce (AS)
SP – Bill Donovan (AS)
SP – Bill not the Spaceman Lee (AS)
SP – Bill Dinneen
RP – Billy Wagner (AS)
RP – Bill Campbell (AS)
RP – Bill Henry (AS)

Bench – Bill Freehan (AS), Bill Doran (AS), Bill Jurges (AS), Bill White (AS), Bill Nicholson (AS)

Mgr – Bill McKechnie