On a Challenge

Regulars recall my first venture into fiction (here). The comments provided many helpful suggestions (which I’m incorporating in the rewrite) and various concerns with the ending. From this, I’m issuing a challenge to any and all participants to develop a new ending. See the information below.

Challenge Overview

  • Rewrite the story’s ending
  • Start after “The music ends.”
  • Your ending must be 75 words or less
  • A dance video or song doesn’t have to be included

aFaShortStoryChallengeOption A (by commenting)

  • At the designated date and time, I will repost the story (actually the revised version)
  • Readers can enter their ending as a comment
  • Take the badge to the right for your collection

Option B (by posting)

  • Copy/Paste the story (thus my permission)
  • Wait until I post the revised version on Challenge Day
  • Post the entire story on your blog with your ending
  • Embed the badge at the beginning of the story
  • Link to my revised post
  • Encourage others to participate
  • Extra Information below important

Extra Information

  • Posting date is Sunday, July 12th, 9:30 pm (Eastern US)
  • These instructions are also posted on the Challenge page
  • For Option B challengers, I will include the revised version (for copy/paste) on the Challenge page around July 5th

A Surprise for My Effort
The image below shocked me in multiple ways. 1) A reader took the time to do this … (I’m graciously honored) and then 2) I realized he based it on my words. I wanted to share this with you while publicly thanking Calvin for his time, efforts, and generosity.

post cards from a reader_v2

On a New Challenge

Earlier this week I did my version of the April’s A-to-Z Challenge. Overall, readers liked my approach, and a few even read and commented on the linked posts of their choice. Meanwhile, Viveka, my favorite Swede and frequent visitor here, made a great suggestion that I’ve decide to implement her idea … It’s the A Frank Angle A-to-Z Challenge.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Bloggers choose to accept the challenge, so no nominations
  • Encouraging readers to meet the challenge
  • The challenge involves one post that includes the letters A-to-Z
  • AFAa2zBadgeEach letter designates something about yourself with an appropriate link to one of your past posts
  • Display the challenge badge on the post
  • Link back to this post

I like this comment from Debra on the original post: This was a way to reintroduce yourself. Well said.

With that in mind, planning my post wasn’t as time-consuming as some think. Planning is key, so start by keeping a few notes. The time-consuming part pulling the links together.

I would like to see many of the readers here meet the challenge and promote it to others.  No time limit, so I hope you promote it. Then again, the idea may fall flat. Here’s the link to the prototype.