On 2000

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Because I like milestones, celebrating my 2000th post was a given, but I’m going with a low-key approach – a post with a little reflection – a post where I can appreciate the presence of those who stop by to comment – and surprisingly, not a post featuring many factoids about the number.

The journey since 28 August 2008 has been interesting. I have no doubt about the many good people I’ve encountered in my little corner of the world. Good people simply have a way of finding each other.

That first post was a short one, but below is the one paragraph that has served as a guiding light for me … and I’ve done that!

To readers I promise insight, yet will respect comments from others. I will be respectful to all as bashing is not my style, thus hope others are the same. Disagreement and criticism are fine, but it should be done with class. Other times I will simply provide information for readers to use.

Blogs involve an interaction between the writer and readers. I greatly appreciate the readers here – and a special tip of the hat to the hardy that have been around for much of my journey. The visitor with the longest tenure has been Tim – a personal friend here that I’ve known for many years. He actually encouraged me to start the blog after I told him of the possibility. Thanks to all the readers, especially those who have taken time to comment. A toast to all who have stopped by here – especially those who took the time to comment.

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What’s ahead? Well, more of the same. I can say that I have over 10 posts in the ready queue (including a short story) – and more typical-me posts about eclectic topics in draft mode. Onward toward the next milestone – 10 years.

Videos have played a vital role on many of the 2000 posts, so I end this occasion with a song you may not know – but the title fits for my view of my readers – and it was the opening song at the first Moody Blues concert I attended. Thanks for stopping by and for supporting my little corner of the world – Be well, do good work, and stay in touch. (Garrison Keillor)

On 1000

Good Morning North, Central, and South America! Good Afternoon Europe and Africa! Good Evening Asia, Australia, and New Zealand! Welcome to my 1000th post!

For the next 36-hours, please take the time to comment, state where you are from, say something about your blog, interact with my guests here and on my sidebar, listen to music, and enjoy the food and beverages. Besides, I may get some surprise guests during the event. In other words, celebrate the occasion, and stop by more than once.

A Few Factoids

  • Started on August 28, 2008 as a politics and sports; needless to say, topics have expanded
  • At the time of this post, 1000 posts on 44 categories for 269 followers and 92, 834 visits that provided about half of the 14,189 comments … and never Freshly Pressed
  • Yes – My name is Frank
  • A Frank Angle means “An Honest Opinion”
  • First used “On” the post title in post 35, but started using it more regularly around post 90

When I first started, I had no clue about how long this would last. After four years and 1000 posts, I remain in awe of what other bloggers do, and am ever grateful for those who visit what I call “my little corner of the world.” Given my longevity, my stats are well below many, but if nothing else, I’ve persevered and enjoy myself.

Thanks to Tim, a local friend whose discussions actually sparked this blog.

Thanks to my early commenters as Mo, Beeze, Chris, David, Ryan, Maxi, Frag, Larry, and Joe. You helped me learn and establish my presence. Their links are in the Pioneers section of the sidebar links.

Thanks to all the visitors through the years and those who take the time to comment. You make this a fun and respectful place.

Thanks to the many bloggers I visit who provide opportunities for smiles, laughs, inspiration, thoughts, and learning.

Thanks to the many who demonstrate that goodness is throughout the world.

Special thanks to the one who is my wife, my friend, my love, and my dancing partner – for enduring – and she reads and occasionally comments as the Right Angle.

Thank you WordPress.

Thanks to my party team!

Before Guapo takes over, here’s some tunes to start the party! Thank you everyone!