On College Football: Week 1 Rankings

College football is a great game and it will bring many of us much excitement over the next four months. On the other hand, count me in as one who can’t stand the scheduling antics of the athletic departments. These pompous occupants within the sacred college campus continue to appall me by scheduling games against Oscar State, Rodney A&I, and Bobs from AccountTemps. Plus, as the statistics clearly show, it’s getting worse!

I base this ranking on an old fashion method – they earn it! Hype, tradition, and countless of other drivel don’t matter – it’s who you play and who you beat. Therefore, with many of the teams in the list below venturing next week into the smaller division, this week may be the only time they make their presence known on this list. Heck, this year’s out-of-conference scheduling is so pathetic I wonder if 10 teams exist to earn their way to this list.

They’ve Earned It Rankings: Week 1

  1. Boise State (1-0)
  2. LSU (1-0)
  3. TCU (1-0)
  4. Utah (1-0)
  5. Maryland (1-0)
  6. Michigan (1-0)
  7. BYU (1-0)
  8. Fresno State (1-0)
  9. Notre Dame (1-0)
  10. Kansas State (1-0)

On They’ve Earned It Rankings Week 3 ’09

Another week is in the books and two things are certain: surprises continue to happen and various rankings and polls continue to rewards teams playing weak schedules and holding back teams with more quality wins. Not hear … play a weak team, especially a nonD1 team and expect to take a dip; play a stronger team and expect to be rewarded. Oh … what a novel idea! For those needing more explanation, read this about PreSeason Rankings.

Let’s face it. At this point in the season, too many of the “highly-taunted” have very few quality wins. Sorry to those from Happy Valley, but I’m not impressed with 2-0 in the MAC. I know the Wolverines are also 2-0 in the MAC, but at least they have one higher-quality win.

They’ve Earned It Top 10

  1. Miami (2-0) Next @ Va. Tech
  2. Auburn (3-0) Next vs. Ball State
  3. LSU (3-0/ Next @ Mississippi State
  4. Boise State (3-0) Next @ Bowling Green
  5. Cincinnati (3-0) Next vs. Fresno
  6. Cal (3-0) Next @ Oregon
  7. UCLA (3-0) Next: Bye
  8. Alabama (3-0) Next vs. Arkansas
  9. Texas (3-0) Next vs. UTEP
  10. North Carolina (3-0) Next @ Ga. Tech

This Week’s High Impact Games
Besides games involving the top 10 teams, keep your eyes on these potential ranking-impact games.

  • Arizona State @ Georgia
  • Florida @ Kentucky
  • Illinois @ Ohio State
  • Iowa @ Penn State
  • Michigan St @ Wisconsin
  • Mississippi @ South Carolina
  • TCU @ Clemson
  • Texas Tech @ Houston
  • Washington @ Stanford

On They’ve Earned It: Week 1 ’09

With the opening week spread over 5 days, college football is off to a fast start. Given that polls and personal ranking are based on expectations, this “They’ve Earned It” ranking is based on who a team plays and the result. For instance I’m not impressed with a “ranked” team rolling East Bufo Q&U.

For those who didn’t see my preseason rankings, this past post sets the stage for these rankings. As a matter of fact this is probably the only ranking in the country omitting Florida, Texas, and USC. Instead of 10 teams, this week A Frank Angle is honoring a baker’s dozen.

They’ve Earned It Baker’s Dozen

  1. BYU
  2. Alabama
  3. Boise State
  4. South Carolina
  5. Oklahoma State
  6. Miami FL
  7. Missouri
  8. Ohio State
  9. Cincinnati
  10. Colorado State
  11. Mississippi
  12. Cal
  13. Baylor

Upcoming Notable OOC games
As with week 1, there is a scattering of conference games in week 2. Here are the notable out-of-conference games for the upcoming week that catch my eye. This past post sets the stage for the list, which also provides links to the rest of the study.

  • Air Force @ Minnesota
  • East Carolina @ West Virginia
  • Fresno State @ Wisconsin
  • Houston @ Oklahoma State
  • North Carolina @ UConn
  • Notre Dame @ Michigan
  • Purdue @ Oregon
  • Stanford @ Wake Forest
  • UCLA @ Tennessee
  • USC @ Ohio State