On an Upcoming Show

Note: This post may seem all over the place because it is – so be patient.

The next season of Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) will feature past performers and the executives surprised me with their cast announcement ahead of their normal routine. I know that the decision of the cast primarily depends on ratings and availability, thus the announcement confirmed my worst fears – Bristol Palin returns! (Here are the pairings.)

Back to Bristol Palin. I don’t care if she finished third in season 11. She wasn’t that good, the judges were more lenient with her than any contestant ever (IMO), and the Palinistas faithfully voted her just because they could. Eventually, I became so disgusted that I refused to watch until she was gone.

The bean-counting-focused decision makers selected her in order to gain a ratings boost during the height of the presidential campaign – yet hopefully not to sway the election. I know the Palin’s are all about making money, but geez Louise, get a grip ABC! In my opinion, this shows that ABC executives favor of their financial pockets over respecting the election process in their country, which I find disgusting and a disgrace to those of us who enjoy the show.

This earns ABC executives a Dolt of the Year nomination. Fear not because NBC also gets a nomination because they secured Papa Grizzly for a show I wouldn’t have watched anyway (Stars Earn Stripes, which just started).  Besides, NBC have done other bonehead decisions this year, such as what they said about the reasons for cancelling Harry’s Law.

Nevertheless, ABC made their selections and Bristol Palin was not the only controversial selection because the list also pathetically includes more than one DWTS employee. So, in the spirit of living up to my own standards, odds are I will boycott Season 15 to avoid Blood of Nincompoop – or at least not watch until she’s gone.

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 76

On My Palin Plight
I continue to boycott Dancing with the Stars as long as Bristol Palin continues as a contestant. Nothing against Bristol, plus she’s worked hard, but she should have been gone weeks ago.

Since her mother recently launched her multi-week infomercial on TLC to promote herself under the disguise of a tribute to Alaska, I suggest a 24-hour All-Palin, All-the-Time Channel for satellite and cable viewers. Pay-be-view events could make a bundle – even a prime time mud-wrestling catfight between Mama Grizzly and Lisa the Cat Murkowski – but it would not get a dime from me.

On Wrangling a Rangel
Rep Charles Rangel (D-NY) is a long-time member of Congress. At age 80, he had a chance to walk away from Capitol Hill, but chose not to do so – thus has just been burned by the House Ethics Committee. I know Congressional Ethics is an oxymoron, but there’s no sympathy from this camp.

Meanwhile, in their respective caucuses, Congressional party reps took my advice by selecting new party leaders in both chambers. Oh … that was in a dream!

On Cincinnati Dry
Cincinnati receives an average annual rainfall of 39.9 inches – and to think that half way through November we are down 9.0 inches of rain for the year. Wednesday we receive our first widespread rain in quite some time. Although we only received about a half inch, the ground is so compact and hard that water still gathered in low spots – at least it keeps the dust down. Meanwhile, the final two months typically delivers 6.4 inches of precipitation. I hope we get some water!

On a Handbell
Last weekend we played a very glorious, majestic arrangement by Kevin McChesney of Holy, Holy, Holy. Unfortunately, I cannot find either a video or a recording of this grand piece.

On a Recipe
In 2006, Food Network featured an Iron Chef battle between Rachel Ray-Mario Batalli against Giada DeLaurentis-Bobby Flay. Rachel made an interesting spaghetti dish, for which my wife and I developed a recipe from watching the show several times. Cranberry-sausage spaghetti may seem like a strange combination, but it is good stuff – so here is the recipe. Try it!

On a Tribute to Long Ago
On October 29, 1950, 22 died on a short-after-takeoff crash of a charter plane carrying the Cal Poly football team from the Toledo airport. Ironically, earlier that day the team lost at Bowling Green, my eventual alma mater. At a recent BGSU home game, the school held a moment of silence for that fatal crash. Here are two interesting articles looking back at that event, one from Toledo and the other from San Luis Obispo.

On the Weekend Ahead
Contrary to my normal pattern, I have a special tribute post for the weekend (coming Saturday).

Local broadcasts for MLB teams can be legends, one Seattle recently lost theirs – Dave Niehaus. This clip of great Mariner moments features his calls.

Have a safe weekend!

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 73

On Dancing with the Stars
Most seasons have a surprises; meaning someone stays around who really should not. I know that’s the effect of the people voting, but the people screw it up. As a fan of the show, I was not a happy camper when ABC announced Bristol Palin’s participation. For one reason, I feared that her mother’s supporters would blindly keep Bristol around too long regardless of her ability – possibly even win. Well, it seems to be happening.

On the World Series
In a nutshell, I don’t like the how much television controls sports. Too many days passed from the last league championship game to the first World Series game. Bring back the days when MLB announces the dates at/near the conclusion of the previous playoff series. Oops … that will cost too much money.

Now Bud Selig is open to expanding the playoffs …  well, for more money. Count on me being against it.

On the College Football Season
No question I’ll be in the minority on this one. During of time when conferences expand in order to have a conference championship game, count me in as one favoring ten-team conferences. Let’s see – play everyone in the conference during the season – what a novel idea. Oops … conferences will lose a payday.

On the Head Stepping Stone
Let me get this straight. The Rand Paul campaign worker intentionally steps on the head of a MoveOn.org supporter, and he is asking for an apology. In the words of Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon!” See Stephen Colbert’s great commentary!

On Charlie Sheen
Speaking of maroons, Charlie Sheen’s continuing behavior demonstrates that his life is a train wreck – that’s sad as he needs help. How and the heck does he keep his job? Oops … that would cost CBS money.

On Quotes from Delaware
Christine O’Donnell’s history continues to be a treasure trove: “American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains.” Delaware Republicans, what were you thinking?

On a California Votes
The California Chamber of Commerce is terrified about the Proposition 19 vote regarding marijuana. Check out the facts they use in this ad.

On Sports Nicknames
Hey hey sports fans, risen from the cobwebs of my archive is this post about the name team nicknames in sports. A lot of work went into this one, so enjoy.

On Going Tube Free
Papermaker Kimberly-Clark recently announced it would test market tube-free toilet paper. The dada-zz taking the route of the abacus? Say it ain’t so because the world just won’t be the same.

Have a safe weekend!

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 64

On the New Banner
Since I find them so enlightening, I dedicated 2010 to Hubble telescope images – and I’m overdue to change my banner. This one is of the Carina Nebula, found in the Milky Way some 6,500-10,000 light years away. I invite you to visit my past banners by clicking Past Banners tab, and to visit the Hubble Gallery.

On a Tea Party Misnomer
The Tea Party movement is very interesting on many fronts. I find it interesting that this movement embraces President Ronald Reagan, who in actual practice, wasn’t as conservative as we think. The Tea Party wouldn’t have embraced his running mate choice, nor the Sandra Day O’Conner nomination, nor the growing budget deficit. In actuality, President George W. Bush was more conservative. So, why isn’t he their hero?

On a Pardon
Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM) is considering a pardon for Billy the Kid. Governor Richardson, are the economy and other factors in New Mexico so good that you are considering a pardon for something that happened over 130 years ago?

On Bristol and Levi
Once again, Levi Johnston seems to do what he can to get his name in the news. Meanwhile, I applaud Bristol Palin for dumping the loser, but I also hope she decides to stay out of the limelight and work on getting her life in a firmer footing. In other words, no endorsements, no books, no shows, no speeches, etc.

On Lack of Saturday Posts
My apologies to anyone enjoying my Saturday posts about classic cartoon characters. Unfortunately, time constraints have prevented me from doing adequate research. Once time becomes more available, that feature will return.

On a Tribute to a Classic
Those of us who were young during TV’s early days, he recall the many innocent variety shows – one of which asked viewers to join along by following the bouncing ball. The variety show was Sing Along with Mitch, a 30-minute show featuring a men’s chorus singing classic songs that Mitch Miller conducted. Yep, the on-screen lyrics allow viewers to sing along long before karaoke became popular.

Mitch Miller passed away earlier this week at the golden age of 99. He was an executive and producer with Columbia Records. He was associated with stars like Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, and Patti Page, and his TV chorus even had a chart topper with The Yellow Rose of Texas. Not only an accomplished oboe player, Mitch Miller also was a popular guest conductor for many PoP orchestras and symphonies across the country. Thanks Mitch for all you did for and with music.