On the Fourth

With the fourth following on a Monday, this year’s holiday has given many a three-day weekend – and I imagine more than a few people took Friday off to make it a four-day weekend. This weekend will provide time for fireworks, parades, grilling, water activities, and countless time-honored traditions.

Whether it is one of the many patriotic songs as God Bless America, the Star Spangled Banner, or America the Beautiful … and no matter if the artist is Lee Greenwood, Celine Dion, Toby Keith, or Kate Smith – there are many songs that touch us not only on this day, but each day.

I was in college in 1973  when two Canadians step forward to defend America. Gordon Sinclair of CFRB in Toronto wrote a newspaper editorial. Later CKLW’s Byron MacGregor read the editorial and eventually recorded it with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra – and that recording sold 3.5 million records with proceeds going to the American Red Cross.

Although the setting of those words were in a different context as today, they still carry a strong meaning. Have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July – and don’t forget the intent of the day.