On Starting a 2012 Journey

Yes, a new year has started, but none of us know what tomorrow will bring – then again, some can say that tomorrow never comes.

Life is not only a journey, it is a journey with many vehicles available – thus one of the factors determining our encounters is our choice of vehicle. This week I want to start the year with journeys on different vehicles. Well, it’s a way of doing something different before returning to my routine.

The sky provides many wonders. Enjoy this camera work from a part of Oregon that many may not realize – its desert.

Help: New Camera Advice?

Please help!

We looking into a new digital camera as it’s time to update. We currently have a Nikon Coolpix from 3-4 years ago. FYI: We’re casual users, thus fancy isn’t needed.

I’m looking for feedback from owners of the models below or guidance-oriented opinions regarding the list. (Each is give or take around $200.)

  • Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W180
  • Canon Powershot A1000
  • Canon Powershot A2000
  • Canon Powershot SD790
  • Canon Powershot SD1100

Thank you!