Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 365

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Thanks to the hearty who stayed with me through the Christian America series this week. To develop the series, I researched information on both sides of the topic, so it was interesting to read the differing viewpoints – but to also discover the illogical, quantum leaps people make.

I’m looking into dual citizenship. Definitely interesting … and having a conversation with someone at the designated US consulate is not easy!

Check the box. We visited the Chinese Terracotta Army exhibit. Not only did we enjoy the exhibit, it is obvious to me that the First Emperor and the Chinese leaders at the time feared Obama.

This video of creative street art will make you smile.

I started an exercise program while at the Alabama coast this past January. In mid-March, I used my Silver Sneakers option in my medical insurance, so I’ve been exercising three days a week since then.

Is this strange? Take Your Kids to Work Day is during the school year (so the kids miss school) while Take Your Dog to Work Day is during the summer when the kids are home.

A tip of the cap to veteran columnist Charles Krauthammer who recently passed away. While one may disagree with his opinion, nobody can deny his brilliance, his skills as a writer, and his commitment to conservatism. I enjoyed the columns written about him as a person. Although I limited my reading of his column, I appreciate his description of the current president as “a rodeo clown”.

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The crisis along the southern US border is sad and complex. However, it’s a refugee issue – not immigration as many play it to be. I also appreciated these two articles from NPR: One and Two.

Congratulations to President Trump for successfully transforming Congress for ineffective to incompetent.

Recent tax cuts improved the bottom line for many businesses. Because tariffs work against many businesses, I want about the net effect. Meanwhile, in order to avid new tariffs, US-based Harley-Davidson is moving some operations to Europe to avoid EU tariffs. Damn Obama.

Sen. Kamala Harris’ (D-CA) made a solution statement about abolishing ICE (Immigration and Custom Enforcement) – and I see the statement in the same light as some Republicans saying they want to abolish the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).

A huge thumbs down to the recent comment about Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) regarding encouraging harassment of Trump supporters and administration workers. Thumbs down to the restaurant owner who asked Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave the restaurant.

To the Trump apologists believing that the media is too hard on President Trump, my response is simple – He brings it upon himself.

I appreciated this statement from Trevor Noah: “The two-party system in one of the most disruptive forces currently in America.”

Tidbits on Future Elections

  • At this point in time, I see good odds for Democrats gaining control of the House this fall, but doing so in the Senate is a steeper climb.
  • I wince at the thought of the Dems 2020 presidential nomination; therefore I raising President Trump’s chances of winning re-election to 51%.
  • Here are the early odds for getting my 2020 vote: President Trump – 0%; Democratic nominee – 20%; Libertarian nominee – 15%; Independent candidate: 30%; leaving the ballot blank – 35%.

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To lead you into this week’s dose of satirical headlines, The Onion provides tips for staying civil when debating child prisons.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Cops bust filthy, unshaven Mark Zuckerberg for selling personal data on street corner
Funeral attendees getting misty-eyed during first dance with corpse
Everyone in Pride Parade straight
Blood-covered finger confirms nose, in fact, bleeding
Saudi Arabia officially lifts ban on female Monster Truck rallies
Steel drum knows it has so much more to offer than tropical vibes

Interesting Reads
The psychology of money
The 1912 GOP Convention

The next global jihadi stage – but where?
The neuroscience of pain
The Sinai Trail
The satisfaction of biscotti
(Pictures) Life under apartheid

To send you into the weekend, enjoy this grand voice from the past for this summer song. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 31

On Tom Watson
To some, Tom Watson’s run at The Open was bad for the game. To others, it was great. Although I find it hard to believe that some would be rooting against him, they were clearly not the majority. Given the competitive nature of any athlete at that level, the loss must be tearing through him. And to think that after a good tee shot on 18, the second shot landing 5 feet shorter would probably have produced a different result. Although I congratulate Stewart Cink for the win and being a class act, my heart sank too.

On Walter Cronkite
Last night CBS preempted 60 Minutes for a tribute show to Walter Cronkite. Now that was great hour about the genuine newsman oozing with integrity.

On Sotomayor
The recent hearings did confirm that Washington is not about the people. Let’s face it, Republicans main opposition is for 2 reasons: the Democratic nominator and the judge may rule against their special interests – similar Democrats previously opposed President Bush nominees. Given the way opposition came out before her nomination, continued a short time after the nomination, and committee senators proclaiming their position before the hearing, one thing is confirmed – the pathetic nature of senators acting in accordance to their special interests.

On Abortion
Abortion is always a hot topic and there’s nothing like a Supreme Court opening to stimulate the emotions; so here’s something to consider. Regardless if Roe v Wade remains or is overturned; regardless of the national or state legislation, mandating morality through either the courts or legislation doesn’t make people more moral.

On a Second Stimulus Bill
Some politicians and economists are considering a second stimulus bill. Even though the economy continues to struggle and unemployment continues to rise, it’s time to chime in. The second would actually be the third; that is if one recalls President Bush’s last one late in his term. Since Congress didn’t come close to my suggestions on the last stimulus, odds of my support would be slim.

On Krathhammer
I enjoy a range of columnists, but I’ve been wondering if Washington Post columnist Charles Krathhammer is sleeping well. Since the election he seems in continual misery with President Obama. Since he’s more of a partisan than a voice of reason, I’ve scratched him from my preferred columnist list.

On Healthcare Reform
What a mess! Unfortunately, there’s probably a decent compromise bill that would work that neither party will support.

On Religion and Evolution
My personal growth on this topic continues. Although I’ve also studied position statements and articles, I’m currently reading Can You Believe in God and Evolution?: A Guide for the Perplexed by Ted Peters and Martinez Hewlett. The bibliography on this journey is well onto a second page.