Meals: The Musical – Act 4: Meats

The Story
Meals: The Musical is an original aFa production is about an important aspect of daily life – eating.

Whether it is snack, something on the run, a glorious sit-down feast, or something in between and regardless of the time of day, food is a life necessity. There are three aspects to a truly fantastic meal: the food, the occasion, and the company. We know Meals: The Musical is a festive occasion where friends gather to share wonderful music – thus the acts will focus on what the dining friends will encounter.

MealsPlaybillProgram (Past Posts)
Act 1: Meals
Act 2: Fruit
Act 3: Side Dishes

Act 4: Meat
Many use a meat dishes as the main course, but other incorporate meat into dishes. Then again, some diners prefer meatless. Nonetheless, this act is all about meat, so song titles must include a meat in the title

Producer’s Note: As a guideline, let a typical menu serve as a guide. Menu will include items as sausage, pork, bacon, and ham – but that doesn’t make pig(s) as an acceptable. The producer does not consider seafood or any meat-substitute as  meat.

Production Note
To prevent browsers crashing from loading too many videos, please 1) include the song title and artist in your text, and 2) paste the URL as part of your last line (not a new line). The latter will provide a link, thus not embed the actual video … but I don’t mind unembedding, so apologies are not necessary.

Ladies and gentleman, Frank loves this group and this genre because its toe tapping sound is fun. A big round of applause for Asleep at the Wheel with Ain’t Nobody Here but Us Chickens.

On Hats and Horns for September

How’s your week going so far? The recent blast of hot, humid air is about to move out of Cincinnati … Yippee!

First of all, upcoming days will feature flashback posts for you during my blogging break. These are reblogs, but a collection of a handful of post around a topic. I hope you enjoy them.

Meanwhile, it’s time to get your calendar because I don’t want you to forget important celebrations that occur the rest of the month. Which have captured your attention?

Hummingbird Celebration (12-15)
(13th) Blame Someone Else Day, International Chocolate Day, Peanut Day, Stand-Up-to-Cancer Day
(14th) Cream-filled Donut Day

Indoor Plant Week (15-21)
(15th) Felt Hat Day, Crème-de-Menthe Day
(16th) Play-Doh Day, Collect Rocks Day
(17th) Apple Dumpling Day
(18th) Cheeseburger Day, Respect Day
(19th) Talk Like a Pirate Day (Arrrrrrrrgh), Butterscotch Pudding Day
(21st) Big Whopper Liar Day, International Day of Peace, Eat an Apple Day, Responsible Dog Ownership Day, World Alzheimer’s Day, Pecan Cookie Day

Banned Books Week (22-28)
Dog Week (22-28)
Tolkien Week (22-28)

(22nd) Car-Free Day, Elephant Appreciation Day, Hobbit Day, Ice Cream Cone Day, White Chocolate Day
(24th) Punctuation Day, Cherry Jubilee Day
(25th) Math Story-Telling Day, One-Hit Wonders Day
(26th) Pancake Day
(27th) Crush-a-Can Day, Walk-to-Work Day, Tourism Day, Chocolate Milk Day, Corn Beef Hash Day
(28th) Fish Amnesty Day, Love Note Day, Hunting & Fishing Day, Good Neighbor Day, Museum Day, Ask-a-Stupid-Question Day, Strawberry Cream Pie Day
(29th) Coffee Day, Gnocchi Day, Mocha Day
(30th) Mulled Cider Day