On the 2010 Doltest of Dolts List

Columnist Peggy Noonan’s referral of Sarah Palin as a nincompoop may be my favorite line of the year. Nonetheless, 2010 (like any other year), provided an abundance of people that causes many of us to shake our heads. Granted, politicians could dominate the list with their I’ll-say-more-than-I’ll-do way of doing things, and much-of-want-I-say-is-an-exaggeration way talking, so I tried to minimize them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, A Frank Angle’s Doltest of the Dolts for 2010.

17) Philadelphia Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel – For not picking Joey Votto for the All-Star team, who was good enough to be the NL MVP. Ok, this one is personable, but my mouth is still sour!

16) Pat Robertson – For being able to talk, thus the odds are good he said something stupid in 2010.

15) Jesse James – Sandra Bullock … You cheated on Sandra Bullock … You lost Sandra Bullock! In the words of the great American orator Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon!”

14) Mel Gibson – Bugs Bunny speaks again.

13) Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin – For continually trying to stay in the news.

12) Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan – For keeping themselves in the news. Get help and surround yourself with the right people!

11) BCS Executive Bill Hancock – He seems to think that because he tells us that the BCS doesn’t act as a cartel and is operating in the best interest of college football, we’ll believe it.

10) Tiger Woods – I’m a Tiger fan, but he screwed up more ways than one.

9) Former BP CEO Tony Hayward – Oh … he now has plenty of time to vacation on his yacht.

8] Rev Terry Jones and his Dove International Outreach Center for planning International Burn-A-Quran Day. At least they have been out of the news ever since.

7) Westboro Baptist – Rand McNally couldn’t help them find their way.

6) Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of the biased talk show buffoons. I’m not stupid and I can think on my own. Oh … and I neither watch or listen.

5) Bud Selig – He’s horrible and will be on my list as long as he’s MLB Commissioner.

4) Congressional Ethics Committees – Congressional ethics is a classic oxymoron. Then again, the public (who is angry at Congress, yet re-elected the majority incumbents) is getting what we asked for.

3) Christine O’Donnell – Let’s face it: she provided some of the year’s best quotes! Meanwhile, I hope that Dancing with the Stars does not try to resurrect her public image.

2) Party Leaders in Congress – This was the easiest way to include Boehner, McConnell, Pelosi, Reid, and their lieutenants on one line.

1) Sarah Palin – The nincompoop who keeps on giving.

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 73

On Dancing with the Stars
Most seasons have a surprises; meaning someone stays around who really should not. I know that’s the effect of the people voting, but the people screw it up. As a fan of the show, I was not a happy camper when ABC announced Bristol Palin’s participation. For one reason, I feared that her mother’s supporters would blindly keep Bristol around too long regardless of her ability – possibly even win. Well, it seems to be happening.

On the World Series
In a nutshell, I don’t like the how much television controls sports. Too many days passed from the last league championship game to the first World Series game. Bring back the days when MLB announces the dates at/near the conclusion of the previous playoff series. Oops … that will cost too much money.

Now Bud Selig is open to expanding the playoffs …  well, for more money. Count on me being against it.

On the College Football Season
No question I’ll be in the minority on this one. During of time when conferences expand in order to have a conference championship game, count me in as one favoring ten-team conferences. Let’s see – play everyone in the conference during the season – what a novel idea. Oops … conferences will lose a payday.

On the Head Stepping Stone
Let me get this straight. The Rand Paul campaign worker intentionally steps on the head of a MoveOn.org supporter, and he is asking for an apology. In the words of Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon!” See Stephen Colbert’s great commentary!

On Charlie Sheen
Speaking of maroons, Charlie Sheen’s continuing behavior demonstrates that his life is a train wreck – that’s sad as he needs help. How and the heck does he keep his job? Oops … that would cost CBS money.

On Quotes from Delaware
Christine O’Donnell’s history continues to be a treasure trove: “American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains.” Delaware Republicans, what were you thinking?

On a California Votes
The California Chamber of Commerce is terrified about the Proposition 19 vote regarding marijuana. Check out the facts they use in this ad.

On Sports Nicknames
Hey hey sports fans, risen from the cobwebs of my archive is this post about the name team nicknames in sports. A lot of work went into this one, so enjoy.

On Going Tube Free
Papermaker Kimberly-Clark recently announced it would test market tube-free toilet paper. The dada-zz taking the route of the abacus? Say it ain’t so because the world just won’t be the same.

Have a safe weekend!

On O’Donnell is Right

I’ve been tough on Christine O’Donnell in the past, but she is right. Yep – you correctly read this. Christine O’Donnell is right. Voters across America are angry and have the right to be. Voters are angry with the entire flock on Capitol Hill and the way they go about business. Here’s a quote from her recent debate.

When I go to Washington, my allegiance will be to the voters of Delaware, not any special interests. My whole campaign has been about returning the political process back to the people of Delaware, and to me that’s a great thing.

With that setting, I pose three questions to Christine O’Donnell.

  • Have you received campaign donations outside of Delaware?
  • Have you received campaign donations from any groups promoting Republican candidates?
  • Have you received campaign donations from the special interest conglomerate known as the Republican party?

Since the answer is most likely yes to all three questions, is Christine O’Donnell a different clown in the same circus or the same clown in a different circus?

On Another O’Donnell Clueless Moment

In a recent post, I called out candidate Christine O’Donnell (R-DE) because she proclaims her faith to Roman Catholicism while demonstrating she is clueless about her faith’s stance on evolution. This post is not to rehash that point (read it here), but to continue to use her words.

In the recently televised debate with her opponent, she ducked the evolution question posed by the moderator by saying the following:

That (teaching creationism) should be decided by the local community. What I believe is irrelevant, because what I will support in Washington, D.C. is the ability for the local school system to decide what is taught in their classrooms.

Once again, Christine O’Donnell delivers a sound bite (to get votes) that people like to hear while demonstrating an inadequate depth of knowledge. Since she also stumbled with the question about Supreme Court cases with which she disagrees, why didn’t she say that she wants to nominate justices who will overturn cases that block creationism in public schools? Oh – that would be judicial activism! Oops, only Democrats do that.

Local control is one thing, but it must be within the law – and Christine O’Donnell’s view is very relevant because it is against the law. Here are the cases.

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol 70

On the They’ve Earned It Rankings
Developing rankings requires time and effort – and my father’s passing took my mind away from comprehensively looking at college football for two weekends. With that in mind, I abandon that attempt for the rest of the season. However, I still maintain that pollsters and other ranking pundits continue to look away from my most important factor: who is the opponent.

On Christine O’Donnell
Sarah Palin endorses Delaware candidate Christine O’Donnell. Mrs. O’Donnell even wears her hair like her Alaskan promoter. Otherwise, Christine O’Donnell continues to demonstrate that she is nothing more than candidate who caters to a certain constituency with nothing more than populist rhetoric without substance. Then again, I’ve never heard a candidate start a campaign ad with “I’m not a witch.” I guess that beats, I am a witch or I used to be a witch.

Here are two good columns. Since Ms. O’Donnell is a Tea Party favorite, read Thomas Friedman. Since Ms. O’Donnell portrays herself as Palinesque, read Meghan McCain.

On Speech, Religion, and Privacy
Westboro Baptist Church is in an interesting case that is in front of the U.S. Supreme Court involving freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and privacy. I’m not a Bill O’Reilly fan, but this short video lays out the issue. This second link is a discussion between O’Reilly and Fox Anchor Megyn Kelly, also an attorney + more attractive and more articulate than Mr. O’Reilly.

On CNN’s Brooke
Not all that long ago I commented about CNN needing to increase Brooke Baldwin’s airtime. CNN recently fired Rick Sanchez for certain comments, and now Ms. Baldwin fills (at least temporarily, yet admirably) the late afternoon slot. A note to CNN: please don’t hire any opinionated buffoons like those on talk radio or some of the other news networks.

On MLB Playoff Shorts
Games in a divisional series every other day? Crap … just another way for MLB to milk as much money from television.

Speaking of the playoffs, a tip of the cap to Roy Halladay for a great performance. I wonder if being named to the All-Time Roys served as his inspiration?

Roy Oswalt’s career record against the Reds is off the charts – plus, when the Reds offense goes in the tank, it does so for several games. Are back-to-back no-nos in the works?

On Handbells
This weekend is our handbell choir’s first appearance of the year. Drop by tomorrow for a video of the song we are playing, which demonstrates an interesting technique.