On Election Day

It’s finally here – Election Day in the United States of America. Many will go to the polls on Tuesday (including me), while many have already voted. Local board of elections will tally votes and declare winners – meanwhile, as winners cheer and mistakenly declare mandates, others will cry, feel remorse, and bitterly complain about something predictable.

Three things have stuck me about the 2012 campaign. First, either it takes far too long or the candidates and parties have purposefully made it an agonizing process.

Secondly, it is interesting how divided the American voters are these days. There is little doubt that Mitt Romney has not only repositioned himself throughout the election process – even contradicting himself on numerous occasions. Yet, many voters will ignore those missteps, not because they believe in Mitt Romney, but because they have a disdain for President Obama and Democrats.

Thirdly, parties and the people representing them on the ballot are willing to pay an enormous price to get what they want – power! Typically in life, there is the price to pay dishonesty, misrepresentations, distortions – but not for politicians because it’s their way of life -and sadly, one that the people blindly accept.

Columnists George Will compared this year’s campaign spending to the amount of money consumer giant Procter and Gamble’s (P&G) advertising expense. Once again, another bad example by Mr. Will as he tries to justify the benefits of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling. I want to point out one big difference between product advertising and political ads: P&G is bound to the Federal Trade Commission guidelines stating that advertising claims must be true, non-deceptive, fair, and that advertisers must have evidence to support their claims.

Meanwhile, consider the following numbers:

  • President Obama’s campaign spent over $1 billion
  • Mitt Romney’s campaign spent over $1 billion
  • The Democratic party spent over $ 1 billion
  • The Republican party spent over $1 billion
  • Super PACs spent over $1 billion
  • House of Representatives races spending exceeded $1.3 billion
  • Senate races spending $750 million in 34 races

How many hungry would that money feed?

How many clothes would that money help clothe?

How many uninsured would become insured?

How many jobs would it create through investments in companies for expansion?

How many people could it educate?

How many research grants could it fund?

How many first responders could it rehire?

How many shelters could it help?

How much infrastructure could it improve?

… And, this list can easily go on and on, which speaks volumes.

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 152

On Politics
My hat is off to our Kabuki Congress for doing nothing overly stupid this week. Yep, one of the benefits of their summer recess.

A special thank you to the U.S. Supreme Court. As evident on more than one occasion from each side, your Citizens United decision has elevated the use of distortion and incorrectness to a new level.

Both presidential campaigns continue belittling the other while avoiding facing important issues of the day. Meanwhile, don’t forget PolitiFact and Annenberg Fact Check to examine the claims.

Abtwixt did this great post a few days ago about the separation of church and state. Combine it with my last post on this issue, you will have a lot to ponder.

On Headlines from The Onion

  • Scientists Say Venom Taken from Politicians Could Provide Medical Benefits
  • Blind Archer Sets New World Record before Accidently Murdering Eight
  • Obama Slips “Hope” into Speech for Fans
  • Romney Stuck in Endless Loop of Uncomfortable Chuckling
  • Area Family Awakens to Find Michelle Obama Tending Backyard Garden
  • World Leader Wondering Way He Met with Former Governor
  • Biden’s eBay Feedback Rating Dips Below 35 Percent

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On Potpourri
Woo hoo!!!! A break in the weather is possible for the weekend.

I continue to be discouraged by this summer’s decline in stats, but extremely appreciative to those who take the time to stop by … especially those who comment.

For fans of my weekend classic cartoon posts, no post this weekend because of a busy schedule.

This weekend we are celebrating my in-laws Diamond Anniversary (60th) with a grand party involving friends and family. That’s them on their wedding day. Below the pic is a video of one of their favorite songs. Have a safe weekend everyone. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 142

On Politics
For those wondering why Mitt Romney continues to appear with egotistical-blowhard Donald Trump, here’s the reason – campaign money.

Speaking of Mr. Trump, he has boastingly proclaimed that he would be the best choice for vice president. Now that’s funny, but it won’t happen – well, unless Mr. Romney wants to accept defeat.

I respect columnist George Will, but this attempt to compare the amount Procter and Gamble spends in product advertising to the campaign spending is another prime example of comparing irrelevant facts in their attempt to make a point – especially when it comes to the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United ruling. Well, unless Mr. Will can convince me of the connection between household products and the freedom of voters. (My past post on this topic)

On Headlines from The Onion
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Gravedigger Did Quick Once-Over to make sure Everyone Buried before Locking Cemetery
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Nabisco Tentatively Adds Hummus to List of Approved Ritz Toppings
Area Man Winded after Lengthy Wendy’s Order
NASA Shuttle Bus Delayed

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On Potpourri
Do you want more hits on your blog? Thanks to Elyse, here are ways to attract Homeland Security to your blog.

May ends as my second best month ever – but well behind the top month (about 20%).

Cheers to Nia, a visitor here, for this poem supported by appropriate music.

NBC’s cancellation of Harry’s Law shows that decisions are based on advertiser desires, not ratings. For those that don’t know, cancelled the show because it did not appeal to advertiser’s desire targeting 18-49.

A cartoon post will go up for your Saturday morning.

To send you into the weekend, enjoy the beautiful images to the sounds of Loreena McKennitt. Have a safe weekend everyone. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.