On a Chocolate Monday

After some rain, cool temps descended on Cincinnati for Mother’s Day weekend. For us, we weren’t rushing around this weekend, which included time on the ballroom floor, evening at home for a movie (Contagion) and some good wine, our last Sunday morning handbell piece before summer break, and hosting my in-laws on Sunday while watching golf’s The Players Championship.

Enough of my weekend, how was yours?

I’m going to use chocolate as a theme to start your week. First of all, our church wine group’s next event has a theme of chocolate and wine. With that in mind, here is the memorable scene from I Love Lucy involving chocolates. Have a good week.

On No More Cabin Fever

Cincinnati had nice weather, which allowed some outdoor time. How was your weather and weekend?

Another full weekend with a variety of activities, such as ballroom, the movie 42 (excellent) , lawn mowing, chime accompaniment for the vocal choir, and substitute ushering at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. The play (The Book Club Play) is a fun comedy delivering many laughs though a variety of interesting characters.

April ends this week, so with May upon us, I imagine spring is on the very-near horizon for all those in the northern reaches on the planet. With winter in the rear-view mirror, maybe it’s time to change the header. Hmmmmm?

With that in mind, cabin fever will be over of the northern hemisphere. Here’s a great video from many years ago regarding a cabin. Enjoy and have a great week.

On Satire News Bits: Vol. 9

Since I knowingly missed last week, now is the perfect time for a mid-week refresher to sent us toward the weekend. So let’s move on to some past headlines from The Onion that you may have missed. Any favorites?

Turkey Gobbles as Man on Hunting Trip Tell Father He’s Gay

Area Man Takes Up Piano for Sole Purpose of Learning Jurassic Park Theme

Snake Gets Tatoo of Dude on Face

Unsolicited Reported from Dept of Interior Finds Dry Humping is an Adequate Sex Alternative for Teens

Nations Substitute Teachers Want to Know “Who Threw That?”

Wooden Fruit Hoping to become Real Fruit Someday

Unreliable Man Angry He is not Judged by that Time he was Reliable

Idiot Man Child Destroys Set of TV Jeopardy

Nation Shocked to Discover Liz Taylor Wasn’t Really Dead

World’s Youngest Person Born

On a Beach-Time Thought

Since Spring 2010 is off to an abnormally warm start, I imagine the warm weather has got people thinking about the beach. For your Monday Morning Entertainment I give you both the beach and comedy. This is a classic routine.

PS: A special thanks to Keith, a co-worker, for giving me this idea. Have a good week everyone.