On Julie and Julia

We recently went to the theater to see Julie and Julia. With today (August 14) oddly being a date flanked by two noted dates, it’s a perfect day for a review.

Julie and Julia is about two women – Julie Powell and Julia Child – two lives separated by over 50 years and a large ocean, yet joined by some common passions. It’s also two true stories (more at the end of this post). More importantly it’s a love story, but not just one.

  • Julia’s and Paul’s love for each other (Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci)
  • Julie’s and Eric’s love for one another (Amy Adams and Chris Messina)
  • Julia’s love for Paris
  • Julie’s love for Julia
  • Julia love for French cooking
  • Julie’s love for cooking
  • The French love for cooking
  • The love one can have with ambition while discovering the perils it brings during the journey

Professional twists and turns take Julie from a professionally rewarding career to a more mundane wage earner. In her search for more out of her life, she takes up blogging for reporting on her quest to cook every recipe in 365 days in Julia Child’s famous cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Yes, Julie and Julia is a movie about multiple love stories, but it’s not sappy – It’s charming, funny, simple, optimist, and easy to watch. For those of us who recall Julia Child on television, Meryl Steep is outstanding. Yes, Julie and Julia is a movie for those not requiring blood and guts, sensational animation, continual action, and/or fire and explosions.

Coincidently, this is a week about Julia Child – Born August 15, 1912 – Died August 13, 1994 (tomorrow and yesterday).

Enjoy and Bon Appétit!

Now The Rest of the Story
Until the credits rolled, I thought the Julie storyline was fictional. Sorry Julie … I simply didn’t know.

Now I don’t have a huge reader base, but my payback to the Julie for not knowing is to provide these four links:

I’ll comment on her blog about this post, but she’s busy with her writing and reading to the many comments to her so I won’t anticipate her here … but maybe I’ll get lucky.