Flashbacks: On Food and Recipes

Whether eating in a restaurant, a special dinner at home, getting that special treat, or time in the kitchen, we enjoy many aspects of a meal. Here are some selections for my archival vault that may capture your interest. Enjoy, visit as many as you wish, and hopefully you will comment on the post you visited. Are you going to make any of these?

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 76

On My Palin Plight
I continue to boycott Dancing with the Stars as long as Bristol Palin continues as a contestant. Nothing against Bristol, plus she’s worked hard, but she should have been gone weeks ago.

Since her mother recently launched her multi-week infomercial on TLC to promote herself under the disguise of a tribute to Alaska, I suggest a 24-hour All-Palin, All-the-Time Channel for satellite and cable viewers. Pay-be-view events could make a bundle – even a prime time mud-wrestling catfight between Mama Grizzly and Lisa the Cat Murkowski – but it would not get a dime from me.

On Wrangling a Rangel
Rep Charles Rangel (D-NY) is a long-time member of Congress. At age 80, he had a chance to walk away from Capitol Hill, but chose not to do so – thus has just been burned by the House Ethics Committee. I know Congressional Ethics is an oxymoron, but there’s no sympathy from this camp.

Meanwhile, in their respective caucuses, Congressional party reps took my advice by selecting new party leaders in both chambers. Oh … that was in a dream!

On Cincinnati Dry
Cincinnati receives an average annual rainfall of 39.9 inches – and to think that half way through November we are down 9.0 inches of rain for the year. Wednesday we receive our first widespread rain in quite some time. Although we only received about a half inch, the ground is so compact and hard that water still gathered in low spots – at least it keeps the dust down. Meanwhile, the final two months typically delivers 6.4 inches of precipitation. I hope we get some water!

On a Handbell
Last weekend we played a very glorious, majestic arrangement by Kevin McChesney of Holy, Holy, Holy. Unfortunately, I cannot find either a video or a recording of this grand piece.

On a Recipe
In 2006, Food Network featured an Iron Chef battle between Rachel Ray-Mario Batalli against Giada DeLaurentis-Bobby Flay. Rachel made an interesting spaghetti dish, for which my wife and I developed a recipe from watching the show several times. Cranberry-sausage spaghetti may seem like a strange combination, but it is good stuff – so here is the recipe. Try it!

On a Tribute to Long Ago
On October 29, 1950, 22 died on a short-after-takeoff crash of a charter plane carrying the Cal Poly football team from the Toledo airport. Ironically, earlier that day the team lost at Bowling Green, my eventual alma mater. At a recent BGSU home game, the school held a moment of silence for that fatal crash. Here are two interesting articles looking back at that event, one from Toledo and the other from San Luis Obispo.

On the Weekend Ahead
Contrary to my normal pattern, I have a special tribute post for the weekend (coming Saturday).

Local broadcasts for MLB teams can be legends, one Seattle recently lost theirs – Dave Niehaus. This clip of great Mariner moments features his calls.

Have a safe weekend!

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 60

On a Primary Election
Ohio had a primary election this past Tuesday. People in my area are so fed up with Congress that we overwhelming re-nominated incumbents. Oh, that’s right – people are fed up with representatives they can’t vote for. Meanwhile, earlier this week Kathleen Parker had an interesting column about future legislation. As an independent moderate, I also appreciate John Avalon’s column about Floridian Charlie Crist.

On the Arizona Immigration Law
Regardless if of party affiliation or partisan preference, or one’s opinion about the law, the bottom-line reasons for the law are 1) the ongoing, long-time failure of our federal legislators to do anything besides deliver rhetoric, and 2) the ongoing, long-time failure of the US Justice Department on enforcing existing laws. I wonder what cash-strapped Arizona will do if the Feds don’t accept those arrested by state enforcers?

On Most-Hated Teams
If I were to predict the most-hated MLB teams, teams as the Yankees, Dodgers, Mets, and Red Sox are the first to come to my mind. Although none of these teams were #1 in the formal most-hated poll, but my Reds at #3? A team whose last playoff appearance was in 1995? A team without a winning season since 1999? A team with only two winning seasons since 1995? Wow! Maybe my team is better than I thought.

On a Handball Tune
This weekend is our handbell choir plays for the final time – although many members will participate in a small ensemble during the summer months. This piece, an original tune written by an 18 year old, contains exciting rhythms and a variety of techniques. Two chances for you to hear this tune: a video by a good teen group and an audio by a recording group. Enjoy.

On a Classic Angle
From my archives, I bring forth a light post to take you into the weekend. Better yet, you should try this tasty delight very soon – possibly this weekend.