On a Falling Chuckle

Have you ever wonder what your life would be like if you simply did one thing different? All of us know that fife is full of different chains of events. Let alone the overall changes that one event can cause. After all, life is like a serious of dominoes as one event leads to another.

No, this is not a serious video to start the week. But just a thought provoker out in front of another odd human event. Best wishes for a good week to all!

On the Dominos of a Message

dominoesI had something very special happen to me in 1987, and that August I shared an important message with others. Later that year in the spirit of the holidays, I expanded the story to selected friends – and some quickly expressed their gratitude.

Over 20 years have passed, yet a few months ago, I wondered if I should volunteer my message and story; but I never acted. Then I read this post by Michelle, which got me thinking about posting my story, yet I never acted. A month later, an e-mail arrived seeking a volunteer to deliver a devotional, but this time instead of thinking, I acted.

The sequential dominoes of life events is interesting as those who stimulated my thoughts may not know; but that’s ok. Now I’m acting again so the dominoes can continue with the aid of current technology.

This story involves three posts, and approaching Mothers’ Day is fitting (for me). Interestingly, they were written in reverse order. I hope readers find a meaning in the story; selfishly, I hope readers return for the others.

Below is an enjoyable, amazing video about dominoes. Meanwhile, to see Part 2 of this 3-part story, click here.