On Local Intrigue

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One never knows what encounters lie ahead when strolling through the city.

Batsakes is one of the few custom hat makers remaining in the US (for those who want to know more about this local treasure, here’s a short video)


Because of Larry Flynt’s (of Hustler Magazine fame) love affair with local law enforcement, there is a Hustler Store … Did you see the movie?


This is what happens to old location of a major department store … What has happened to old department store buildings in your area?


The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County (with its main location in city center) dates back to 1853


For those who watch Shark Tank, these guys won … but have since sold off


Cincinnati had Kings Records back in the days of vinyl recordings, but I didn’t know about this studio


Cincinnati has a minor league hockey team (Cyclones) and a love for pigs … meet Puck Chop …


… but in Cincinnati, baseball is king.

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Meet John Roebling and his bridge – The Roebling Bridge – the prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge


What do you think this is?



On a Bit of Cincinnati

Located on the Ohio River, Cincinnati was a center for westward expansion – and it embraces its river heritage


Win or lose, Cincinnati embraces it’s baseball team … and we’ve lost a lot in recent years

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Fountain Square is the center of city center … and the place where people gather to celebrate and commemorate


Cincinnati love its art deco … these are in the Carew Tower

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The city shines during the day …


…. and at night …


… and it has quiet places in the city center


On the Cincinnati’s Merry-Go-Round, (Carol Ann’s Carousel) riders can choose from 44 handmade Cincinnati-centered characters. Do you have any ideas for these characters? To see all the characters, click here for a video.

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On a Kid’s Daydream

Every kid dreams of a party like this …

. .. with ice cream


… and cake


… and cookies


… friends and happiness

… and our imaginary friends too

All for this young lady


… It’s a good day for her.


Ice Cream Daydream is a vibrant mural created by ArtWorks at 33 East 12th Street in Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine district. This mural is full of imagination, fun and joy.

ArtWorks is a unique non-profit organization that employs and trains local youth to create art in the community. To date, ArtWorks is responsible for over 100 murals throughout Cincinnati – which many are in the main part of the city.

This post is for Resa, Toronto’s lady of style who also captures street art in Toronto and Winnipeg as a hobby. Resa recently declared March as Kid’s Month on her blog – so this is the first of my two posts for her celebration.


On City Centers

This view of downtown Cincinnati is from Devou Park in Covington, Kentucky. Although the view has long been known to be one of the best of the city, in the fall of 2010 we made our first trip to this location – and I’ve came to the area in 1976!

I love cities. Whenever I’m in any city center, I appreciate the hustle and bustle, the buildings, the history, and more. I think of the times from the past when the central district was a true center of activity. It was there one would find the main stores to shop, the grand and glorious theaters, vibrant churches, and frequent people activity. City centers were the hub of community life and a place I would have thoroughly enjoyed.

Although a few cities are lucky enough to have the community vibrancy of the past, today, most cities are Monday-through-Friday commerce centers. From Devou Park, I think about the businesses headquartered in Cincinnati: among them consumer product giant Proctor and Gamble, Fifth-Third Bank (a large regional bank), Kroger’s (nation’s largest grocery chain), Macy’s (yes, its HQ is here, not NYC), and believe it or not, Chiquita Brands.

The latest census numbers tells us the populations of many cities continue to fall. Meanwhile, city centers remain to act as centers of commerce, welcome conventions, and treat visitors who appreciate a sense of time that once was.