On a Yearly Transition

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As the waves come ashore to wash away 2018, the year officially moves into our memory bank. A year that marked 10 years in my little corner of the world here on WordPress. A good year of writing, memories, and interactions with many good people.

A year featuring of 158 posts (I think) included 24 more beach walks, a tour to notable US national parks, and an outstanding tour in Eastern Europe. A year when Pronouns awakened the sleeping giant known as blog musicals. Some of my favorite topics to post included religious liberty, common good, buying food in Venezuela, a teacher’s day, a 4-part series about the US as a Christian nation, 1968, containers, my career of 2 halves, lead & follow, ballroom connections, and several attempts at fiction. Remember any of those?

If all goes well, 2019 means more beach walks, more travel, another musical, and the introduction of the aFa Weekend Concert Series (which starting this coming weekend). For the inaugural event, it doesn’t get any bigger than The Beatles.

Sometime in 2019 will deliver the 400th weekly edition of Opinions in the Shorts. New posts in final preparation include Oreos, shopping carts, race music, samba, water, shadows, dark, a look at me during my college days, and a toast to 66. 2019 could deliver visit #400,000.

As we say farewell to 2018 while greeting 2019 with open arms, Happy New Year to you … and may goodness continue to shine! Enjoy The Tenors.

On 2011 in a Mirror

Early in 2011, I celebrated the 600th post – and recently #800, plus my first month with 3,000 hits. I started the year with John, and he’s still here. (I couldn’t resist.) Others are still here too, and new regulars have joined us. Many thanks to everyone and hopefully something below will strike your fancy … or at least jog a memory chip. Do you have any favorites from here?

I continued eclectic nature of posts, yet keeping the tradition of Monday Morning Entertainment and Friday’s Opinions in the Shorts, the OITS starting at v81 and now at v122.

I worked in posts on All-Time Baseball Teams of all Harrys, Rons, Larrys, food names, and others – yet brought forth a series of the relationship between religion and science.

I enjoy doing the posts about numbers, and also working in pieces of handbell music.

I pledged respectful behavior in my first post in Aug 2008 – with that I know I have done well. In appreciation to the readers who frequent these electronic pages, here is a trip down memory lane – the posts I enjoyed the most.

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