They’ve Earned It Rankings Week 11 ’09

Houston’s Cinderella slipper is captured by a Knight. Iowa’s bounce-back attempt didn’t make it out of the Horseshoe, yet the Buckeyes showed that they shouldn’t be forgotten. TCU unveils new uniforms and a stunning result while most of the top teams predictably held serve.

As I look ahead to next week, attention getters are few and far between. As far as I’m concerned, Alabama scheduling a non-D1 game at this point of the season is grounds for firing the AD. That’s pathetic!

Up- TCU, Cincinnati, Ohio State, Pitt
Down- Texas
Out- Houston, Iowa
In: Ohio State, Pitt

They’ve Earned It Top 10

  1. Alabama (10-0) Next: Tenn-Chattanooga
  2. Florida (10-0) Next: @ Florida International
  3. Georgia Tech (10-1) Next: Georgia
  4. TCU (10-0) Next: @Wyoming
  5. Cincinnati (10-0) Next: Bye
  6. Texas (10-0) Next: Kansas
  7. Ohio State (9-2) Next: @ Michigan
  8. Pitt (9-1) Next: Bye
  9. Boise (10-0) Next: @ Utah State
  10. Oregon (8-2) Next: @Arizona

Besides games involving the top 10 teams, here are the potential ranking-impact games.

  • Minnesota @ Iowa
  • LSU @ Mississippi
  • Cal @ Stanford

They’ve Earned It Rankings: Week 10 09

Given the anniversary of an important event as the wall of the Berlin Wall, the trivialness of college football had to wait a day.

Last week allowed fans to witness Oregon laying an egg at Stanford, which leads to one reason why I like observing PAC-10 football – the leader continues to be surprised! Then there’s Iowa who got their eyes scratched out by regular nemesis Northwestern. The sweater vest vies for some respect with an impressive road win, but is it enough to get into this elite ranking? Interestingly, most of the this week’s upward movement had more to do with team’s losing rather than top teams winning.

But wait – next week is big as most of the top teams take to the road, so this angle is interested in next weekend.

Up- Alabama, Florida, Georgia Tech, Texas, Cincinnati, TCU, Boise
Down- Oregon, Iowa
Out- LSU
Back – Houston

They’ve Earned It Top 10

  1. Alabama (9-0) Next: @ Mississippi State
  2. Florida (8-0) Next: @ South Carolina
  3. Georgia Tech (7-1) Next: @ Duke
  4. Cincinnati (8-0) Next: West Virginia
  5. Texas (8-0) Next: @ Baylor
  6. TCU (8-0) Next: Utah
  7. Houston (8-1) Next: @ UCF
  8. Iowa (9-0) Next: @ Ohio State
  9. Boise (8-0) Next: Idaho
  10. Oregon (7-1) Next: Arizona State

Besides games involving the top 10 teams, here are the potential ranking-impact games.

  • Stanford @ USC
  • Miami (FL) @ North Carolina
  • Arizona @ Cal
  • Notre Dame @ Pitt

They’ve Earned it Rankings: Week 8 ’09

Although a several teams received a scare, Clemson beating Miami led the way for another week of college football. Then again, next week has set the stage for some sorting.


  • Up: Iowa, USC, Oregon, LSU
  • Down: Alabama, Georgia Tech, Cincinnati
  • Out: Houston, Miami (FL)
  • New: TCU, Oklahoma State, Texas

They’ve Earned It Top 10

  1. Iowa (8-0) Next: Indiana
  2. Alabama (8-0) Next: Bye
  3. USC (6-1) Next: @ Oregon
  4. Georgia Tech (6-1) Next: @ Vanderbilt
  5. Oregon (6-1) Next: USC
  6. Florida (7-0) Next: vs. Georgia (Jacksonville)
  7. LSU (6-1) Next: Tulane
  8. Cincinnati (7-0) Next: @ Syracuse
  9. TCU (7-0) Next: UNLV
  10. Oklahoma State (6-1) & Texas (7-0) Next: Each other in Stillwater

Next Week’s Games of Interest

  • North Carolina @ Virginia Tech
  • West Virginia @ South Florida
  • Mississippi @ Auburn
  • Central Michigan @ Boston College

They’ve Earned it Rankings: Week 6 ’09

As with most weeks with college football, it was another great weekend. Florida makes a statement while Auburn, Georgia, and Wisconsin lay eggs. Ohio State and Houston show they shouldn’t be forgotten, while Oklahoma State and Nebraska watch-us reminders. Next week shapes up to be another impact week.

These are the rankings based on results, not speculations and predictions. I know it’s different, but that’s why this is called They’ve Earned It. For those needing more explanation, read this post about PreSeason Rankings.

Up- Alabama, Virginia Tech, Oregon, Georgia Tech, Miami
Down- Cincinnati, LSU
New – Florida, Houston, Iowa
Out- Auburn, Wisconsin, ND

They’ve Earned It Top 10

  1. Alabama (6-0) Next: South Carolina
  2. Va. Tech (5-1) Next: @ Ga. Tech
  3. Oregon (5-1) Next: Bye
  4. Miami (4-1) Next: & UCF
  5. Georgia Tech (4-1) Next: Va. Tech
  6. Houston (5-1) Next: @ Tulane
  7. Florida (5-0) Next: Arkansas
  8. LSU (5-1) Next: Bye
  9. Iowa (6-0) Next: @ Wisconsin
  10. Cincinnati (5-0) Next: @ USF

Besides games involving the top 10 teams, here are thepotential ranking-impact games for next weekend.

  • Boise @ Tulsa
  • Minnesota @ Penn State
  • Missouri @ Oklahoma State
  • Oklahoma v. Texas (Dallas)
  • Pitt @ Rutgers
  • Texas Tech @ Nebraska
  • USC @ ND

College Football Rankings Week 4 ’09

Another weekend of college football once again scrambles the rankings. Since the purpose of this ranking system is to provide a top 10 based on 2009 results – thus no speculations about future games, no high ratings based on expectations, nothing to do with returning lettermen or last year’s results … simply who one plays and the outcome.

Before the ranking I must say that what I heard several ESPN commentaries this weekend that was pleasant music to my ears. They simply made these points:

  • Preseason ranking get too much emphasis, especially in the season’s early weeks
  • Voters should be more fluid during the early weeks to result in teams who have earned respect versus teams who we still don’t know much about beyond expectations
  • Several challenged anyone to identify a team that had done more to date than the Miami Hurricanes

For those needing more explanation, read this post about PreSeason Rankings.

I would imagine that many fans will have problems with this week’s rankings, but hey – life is what it is and some teams have played 4 very respectable games to start the season.

  • Out from last week: Miami, Cal, Boise, North Carolina, Texas, UCLA
  • Dropped from last week: Cincinnati, Auburn,

They’ve Earned It Top 10

  1. LSU (4-0) Next: @ Georgia
  2. Alabama (4-0) Next: @ Kentucky
  3. Georgia (3-1) Next: LSU
  4. Oregon (3-1) Next: Washington State
  5. Iowa (4-0) Next: Arkansas State
  6. Va. Tech (3-1) Next: @ Duke
  7. Houston (3-0) Next: UTEP
  8. Cincinnati (4-0) Next: @ Miami (Oh)
  9. South Carolina (3-1) Next: South Carolina State
  10. Auburn (4-0) Next: @ Tennessee

Conference games are becoming more of the norm rather than the exception, so keep your eye on the Sun Belt race as other teams seek to catch Nebraska (3-0). Besides games involving the top 10 teams, I’m keeping my eyes on these potential ranking-impact games.

  • Georgia Tech @ Mississippi State
  • Michigan @ Michigan State
  • Oklahoma @ Miami
  • Oregon State @ Arizona State
  • USC @ Cal
  • Washington @ Notre Dame
  • Wisconsin @ Minnesota