On a Beach Walk: No. 48 (Touch)

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

I feel the firm sand with each step. My feet enable me to distinguish degrees of wetness – yet, I cannot feel individual grains of sand – but I do love the water’s smooth caress. Ahhhhh … the sense of touch.

As I walk I can tell when I step on a fine gritty layer of fine shells – or when I step on a single shell. My eyes tell me to slow down and be careful as I cross a dense area of shells – or even advise me to detour. Yet, I am impressed how the touch on the bottom of my feet causes me to retract my step when encountering a shell’s sharp edge. Cheers to the sense of touch.

I think about the sense of touch on my feet when they are not on this beach – but in a sock that’s in a shoe. I not only feel the sock on these feet, but I can also distinguish the inside of my shoe. Better yet, I can also feel the floor upon where I stand, and the bottom of each shoe between the floor and my feet. I can distinguishing levels of hardness of the floor from plush carpet to wood to tile or concrete. Yes – the marvels of the sense of touch.

I think about the sensitivity of our fingertips and how much we rely on them. While touch sensing ability of the skin on our back is much less sensitive than our fingers, but our lips are even more sensitive as noted in a soft, sensuous kiss. Ahhh – the sense of touch.

The sense of touch allows us to distinguish an apple from a pear when biting into them by differentiating the texture of their flesh. It’s the sense of touch that allows the blind to read through the Braille system.

Touch is related to our mood and the situation. Think about the differences of touch in a loving couple while amorous and the “don’t touch me” feeling during an argument.

Touch differs between cultures – let alone among people. Some show touch as an acceptance or appreciation, but others react to touch as an infringement of their space. Those that are tactile oriented must learn to change because others are not.

Touch, that complex feedback system linking behaviors and emotions. Touch, that therapeutic message that is a sign of assurance, friendliness, encouragement, and comfort. Touch, the sense we associate with erogenous.

Of all the senses, I imagine touch is the least researched, yet, psychologists approach different aspects of touch, but not its absence or loss.

We can close our eyes to simulate blindness, plug our ears to limit sound, or hold our nose to limit smell – but can you imagine not being able to feel? Can you imagine a life without that sense of touch that protects us? Can you imagine being unable to detect the caress by a loved one that gives us a feeling of comfort?

Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy the current feeling the beach gives me because I like walking the beach for it is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

On a Busy Bee

Given the weekend’s activity and the bump up in daylight savings time, I’m dragging … but not whining because this weekend was about wine. Friday night was the Grand Tasting at the Cincinnati Wine Festival. Oh yes – we were not on the roads as we stayed at a hotel a short walk from the event.

Saturday night was more wine as our church wine tasting group got together for an evening of fun and fellowship with a fun theme – Wine by Numbers. If you recall that this topic was subject of this post not that long ago – and yep – I’ve attended more wines to that list since the original post date.

After losing an hour of sleep, we were up early Sunday morning because the handbell choir played at two services. For anyone enjoying handbell music, we did an interesting piece involving singers and an instrumental sololist. We used 3 teen females and a muted trumpet, whereas the choir in this video used a soloist and an oboe.

For your Monday Morning Entertainment, here are some very fast fingers playing Flight of the Bumble Bee on an electronic steelpan. Whew … these fingers are a movin’. Enjoy and have a good week.

On a Handy Monday

Hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl. If you are like me, your hands here frequently in the party’s food area.

It’s all hands on deck in the Navy, but that wasn’t in the Village People lyrics. Nor was Bill Hands, who pitched for the Cubs many years after Mordecai Three-Finger Brown manned the Wrigley Field mound. While five-finger discount refers to shoplifting, a six-finger discount refers to the shoplifter flipping the middle finger at a store employee when living the store after shoplifting.

Meanwhile, this one-minute video isn’t all thumbs. Enjoy the handy video – which actually is a commercial you didn’t see on the Super Bowl. Have a good week.

On Fast Fingers

Last week wasn’t my best week as I missed several days of posting. Then again, life has its way of finding periods of frantic paces for all of us. I hope this week will be more normal.

Fingers and hands  are a very specialized body part as various primates have different finger-hand structure for different adaptations. Checkout this amazingly fast human fingers in the mirror. Meanwhile, have a good week.

All Hands on Deck

Hands as defined by Merriam-Webster:

The terminal part of the vertebrate forelimb when modified (as in humans) as a grasping organ

Hands as stated in Wikipedia:

The two intricate, prehensile, multi-fingered body parts normally located at the end of each arm of a human or other primate. They are the chief organs for physically manipulating the environment, using anywhere from the roughest motor skills (wielding a club) to the finest (threading a needle).

Football season brings us the onside kick, so coaches respond with the “hands team.” “Lending a hand” to those in need is an important part of human culture.  Bosses very in their management style as some are hands-on while others prefer a hands-off approach.

Lovers hold them, the faithful placing them together in a sign of prayer, others communicate with them, surgeons seek a steady hand when dealing with a life, artists create items that stimulate the mind and the heart,  and ET warmed our hearts with a single touch.

I dedicate this post to hands: those 19 bones (in each hand) that can do so much. Click each name below to learn more about what hands can do.

Any favorites?