On a Busy Bee

Given the weekend’s activity and the bump up in daylight savings time, I’m dragging … but not whining because this weekend was about wine. Friday night was the Grand Tasting at the Cincinnati Wine Festival. Oh yes – we were not on the roads as we stayed at a hotel a short walk from the event.

Saturday night was more wine as our church wine tasting group got together for an evening of fun and fellowship with a fun theme – Wine by Numbers. If you recall that this topic was subject of this post not that long ago – and yep – I’ve attended more wines to that list since the original post date.

After losing an hour of sleep, we were up early Sunday morning because the handbell choir played at two services. For anyone enjoying handbell music, we did an interesting piece involving singers and an instrumental sololist. We used 3 teen females and a muted trumpet, whereas the choir in this video used a soloist and an oboe.

For your Monday Morning Entertainment, here are some very fast fingers playing Flight of the Bumble Bee on an electronic steelpan. Whew … these fingers are a movin’. Enjoy and have a good week.

On Hands Monday Music

With a title like this, you may be expecting Handel. Although that may be a good idea for the future, Handel isn’t today’s theme.

Since football season is underway, today is the perfect time to introduce hands into the Monday Morning Music feature. After all, we hear broadcasters use terms as good hands, bad hands, hands team, and hands of stone to describe various abilities.

Opinion in the Shorts Vol. 35 brought you One-String Willy playing Flight of the Bumble B-String on a one-string guitar. Well today, it another rendition of the same song, but this time with hands – thus renamed Fart of the Bumble Bee. I’m sure Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov is ever so proud of these guys.