On a Cartoon Buffet

Instead of dedicating a new post to a classic cartoon character, today is a pick-your-treat day! Below as the characters from past posts, so pick one – any one – or as many was who wish because this is your special Saturday Morning Buffet of cartoon characters. Enjoy! Which did you watch this morning?

Boris and Natasha

Elmer Fudd


Foghorn Leghorn

Jonny Quest


Quick Draw McGraw

Peabody and Sherman



Speedy Gonzalez

Top Cat


Wile E Coyote

Woody Woodpecker

Yosemite Sam

* A small collection of opening theme songs

On the Flintstones

September 30, 1960 marked the debut of the first animated series to run in primetime. There may be no better way to debut my Saturday posts dedicated to cartoons than The Flintstones (although they initially aired on Friday nights).

It was The Flintstones that brought us prehistoric celebrities as Gary Granite, Stony Curtis, Ed Sulleystone, Ann Margrock, Alvin Brickrock, Perry Masonary, Larry Lava, and Rock Quarry.

It was The Flintstones that brought us timely last names as Slate, Rumble, Rockhead, Hardrock, Slagheap, Muchrocks, Shufflehopper, Granite, McBricker, Darrock, Rockwell, Rockbind, Dempstone, and more.

It was The Flintstones that looked into the future by using birds as airplanes, alarm clocks, automatic garage door openers, crochet needs, clothespins, camera, fire starters, hedge clippers, record players, sewing machines, intercoms, letter openers, shift-change whistle, broom, pens, rakes, and who knows how many more devices.

It was The Flintstones that used crabs as lawnmowers, dinosaurs as a pitching machine, mammoths as a shower, octopi as dishwashers, monkeys as traffic lights, a turtle as a checkers table, mastodons as vacuums, swordfish as knives, bumblebees as razors, pelicans as garbage cans, rabbits as television antennae, porcupine as hairbrushes, sewing needs, and scrub brushes.

Did you know?

  • The town of Bedrock is in Cobblestone County.
  • Fred’s license plate number is XYZ 643.
  • Wilma’s maiden name is Flaghopple.
  • Fred’s parents are Ed and Edna.
  • Except for the first episode, Betty always wore a blue ribbon in her hair.
  • Fred’s bowling nickname was Twinkle Toes.
  • The Great Gazoo was from the planet Zetox.
  • Fred served as the sheriff of Rocky Gulch.
  • Fred didn’t graduate from high school, but attended Prinstone University.
  • 77 Sunset Strip followed The Flintstones.

To Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, Bam-Bam, Peebles, and the gang – many thanks – so take the time to watch the one-minute express version below of this classic show.

On the Flintstones and the Elite 8

Who could ever forget people as Ann Margrock, Clark Gravel, Stony Curtis and many others? ABC brought us these (and so much more) in TV’s first animated, adult show – The Flintstones. Over the 166 episodes (1960-1966), producers Hanna-Barbera gave us countless memories.

The original 1960 opening was different than the song many know.

Watch a one-minute episode … this is great.

The Flintstones are in a commercial than can’t be imagined today.

Resources for More Information about the Flintstones

Elite 8 Predictions

These are tough picks; actually the other team could easily win.

  • UConn over Missouri
  • Villanova over Pitt
  • Louisville over Michigan State
  • North Carolina over Oklahoma