On a Slice about Americana


There it is … sitting along a beautiful beach sandwiched between a high-rise condominium to its right and a parking garage of another high-rise condo to its left. A place where friends meet. A place where others become friends. A place for good times and good music.

It’s a local legend, yet a place well-known throughout the South. A place that northerners in the condos as vacationers or snowbirds came to know. The place actually straddling the Florida-Alabama state line – although it is mainly in Florida. A place that was a very short walk from where we stayed in January.

There it is – A place displaying a weathered look while sitting along the beach since 1964. A weathered look of normal wear and tear that beach side brings, plus the occasional hammering by storms and hurricanes.

The Flora-Bama -a colorful place with a colorful past that includes a long list of colorful characters.

The Flora-Bama – a place featuring music seven days a week by local and regional musicians songwriters. Some who made it to the national stage of hits and awards while others maintain their local craft.

The Flora-Bama – with its more than eclectic collection of artifacts adorning its walls and ceilings – plus walls with names of patrons written in permanent markers – let alone the framed signed pictures of visitors and performers – and yes, even there is even more to see.

The Flora-Bama – an institution to many, no wonder country music star Kenny Chesney wrote a song about it. No wonder he performed his only concert of 2014 along its beach to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Before I tell you more in another post, I’ll let his lyrics and his music video introduce you to this slice of Americana – the place its documentary called The Last Great American Roadhouse. Welcome to the Flora-Bama Lounge Oyster Bar and Package Store.

They’ve Earned It Top 10; Week 4

Another enjoyable weekend for college football fans is in the books. ECU loses a tough one on the road. Oregon falls at home. LSU wins a thriller on the road. Ball State gets a win for the MAC over the BCS.

On to the countdown, so remember, it’s who plays and who won. Tradition, expectations, and countless of other useless criteria don’t count.

They’ve Earned It Top 10 Countdown
10. East Carolina
9. LSU
8. Utah
7. USC
6. Alabama
5. BYU
4. Georgia
3. Florida
2. Wake Forest
1. Vanderbilt


  • Only playing two games to date worked against USC
  • Only 3 teams have four D1 wins: Vandy, Bama, & Utah
  • Wake Forest is the only team with three wins over BCS schools
  • Despite one loss, ECU gets love for their accomplishments to date

Next Week’s Pivotal Countdown Games
Besides games with the team in the countdown, the games below are teams on the outside looking in whose outcome influences next week’s countdown.

  • Wisconsin @ Michigan
  • Fresno St @ UCLA
  • Tennessee @ Auburn
  • TCU @ Oklahoma
  • Illinois @ Penn State
  • Va Tech @ Nebraska

Previous Weeks

They’ve Earned It Top 10: Week 2

This week I hope to take a break from politics to venture into other interests. Since today is Monday, college football rankings is a great to kickoff the week.

My rankings motto: To earn it, play somebody and beat them. Yes, finally a ranking that doesn’t count expectations and traditions. For those new to this, see the criteria and last week’s ranking here.

I knew this week was going to be a challenge. Three Top 10 teams (UCLA, USC, and Fresno State) didn’t play. Two more (Missouri & Arkansas State) played nonD1 teams (a flagrant no-no). One (Bowling Green) fell flat. Now thrown in the fact of many “traditionally top” teams playing pathetic OOC games!

They’ve Earned It Top 10 Countdown

8 (tie): Fresno State, UCLA, USC
7. Wake Forest
6. Cal
5. Florida
4. Utah
3. Alabama
2. Vanderbilt
1. East Carolina

Honorable Mention: Oklahoma State, Oregon, Rice

I usually don’t accompany a comment with this ranking, but I have a burr in a place giving me discomfort. After beating Virginia Tech on the opening weekend, the national pundits kept ECU out of the top 25. In week 2 they beat a top 10 team, and that gets them #14? If that’s not an example of bias, favoritism, and cronyism, what is? I challenge anyone to name a team that has two more impressive wins at this point in this season.