Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 242

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, this is an abbreviated and prerecorded edition of Opinions in the Shorts. More importantly, I hope all those celebrating the holiday had a wonderful day!

From The Onion

New York City’s Thanksgiving Celebration at Rockefeller Center

A Republican-led House of Representatives committee report about the attack at Benghazi debunks notions of a conspiracy. Because the conclusions don’t fit the party’s narrative, the people deserves another report. After all, this was only the seventh committee.

Cheers for … CNN returning to my home! … Receiving this year’s mystery wine from my Secret Santa from Texas!

Last week, Cincinnati-based global consumer product giant Procter & Gamble issued a statement in support of same-sex marriage as a “statement of support for our employees.” Since reported (and as one can imagine), the local letters to the editor have provided interesting commentary. Cheers to P&G!

How can anyone not appreciated NFL player T.Y. Hilton’s reaction after scoring a touchdown last Sunday and his television interview after the game. (Watch)

Congratulations to Alfonzo Ribeiro for winning Dancing with the Stars. We thought the Monday night show was one of the best ever.

Hooray for everyone participating in Act 13 of Life: The Musical. Life is full of ups and downs, so start thinking about the next act. After all, I’m sure readers can determine what follows positive emotions.

A shout-out to Pauline (in New Zealand) for this outstanding post about blogging, which is a good read.

 Interesting Reads
At Issue: Interfaith marriages in Egypt
Columnist Nicholas Kristof on immigration
Humorist Dave Berry’s Holiday Gift Guide
Athletics and neurons
The fall of the humble spud
Robots and creativity
(Graphic) Common Mythconceptions

Headlines from The Onion
Report: None of good cousins coming to Thanksgiving this year
Man had no idea what to do with visiting friends between meals
Family revels in height difference between mother and tall son
Man tentatively takes shot at bad mouthing girlfriend’s family for the first time
Americans enjoying Thanksgiving tradition of sitting around the airport
Turkey pardon mishap results in release of serial murderer

The celebration list mentions French Toast Day (Friday) … so here’s a unique toast to toast.

Celebrations for your weekend

  • (Fri) Leftovers Day, Buy Nothing Day, Red Planet Day, Flossing Day, Gone-ta-Pott Day, Maize Day, Black Friday, Day of Listening, Letter Writing Day, Native American Heritage Day, French Toast Day, Your Welcomegiving Day, Fur Free Friday, Make Your Own Head Day
  • (Sat) Gnocchi Day, Electronic Greetings Day, Small Business Saturday, Day of Giving, Square Dancing Day, Chocolate Day, Throw-out Your Leftovers Day
  • (Sun) I Feel Well Day, Computer Security Day, Play Hooky Day, Meth Awareness Day, Mousse Day, Stay Home Because You’re Well Day

In the spirit of “Positive Emotions” from Life: The Musical – Act 13, here’s a song that will be a surprise, yet send you into the weekend with a smile … Smiling Happy Monsters by REM with the Sesame Street gang.  Have a safe weekend, and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

On a Toast for Monday


  • From Middle English tosten, from Anglo-French toster, from Late Latin tostare to roast, from Latin tostus, past participle of torrere to dry, parch
  • To make crisp, hot, and brown
  • To warm thoroughly
  • A sliced sliced bread browned on both sides by heat
  • A person whose health is drunk
  • Something in honor of which persons usually
  • One that is highly admired
  • An act of proposing or of drinking in honor of a toast
  • A rhyming narrative poem existing in oral tradition among black Americans
  • One that is finished or done for
  • A song by comedian Heyward Banks about toast and played on a toaster

On the Windshield Wipers in Ohio

The start of 2011 activated a new Ohio law – commonly known as the Wiper Law. Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 4513.03 requires motorists on Ohio roads to turn on their vehicle’s lights during precipitation that causing the motorist to activate the windshield wipers. The question seems to be what is the meaning of “lights on”.

Although most news reports I have seen indicate that automatic daytime running lights fits the requirement. However, I saw one quote from a State Highway Patrolman stating that running lights do not count because taillights are not on.

Besides the lack of clarity in the law, here are two points I find most interesting.

  • Law supporters tell us the law improves safety. Well, it’s ok to talk on a handheld cell phone or read the paper while driving in Ohio anytime, even in the rain as long as the lights are on.
  • Republicans, those championing less government, control the Ohio legislature

Below is a Haywood Banks classic I dedicate to ORC 4513.03.