Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 204

On Politics
This is my response to politicians who claim to be public servants. Public service isn’t about playing games, thus those who play are not public servants.

The IRS now desires to limit the connection between political activity and tax-exempt status. Although I support curbs, I’m amazed that the IRS deemed these groups as one’s “to promote the social welfare.” What a bunch of crap!

Even though they set the bar low, cheers to Sen. Murray (D-OR) and Rep. Ryan (R-WS) on getting something done the old-fashioned way. Cheers also to Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) for speaking out against the conservation Political Action Groups – but jeers to the predictable cranks.

President Obama’s handshake with Raul Castro didn’t bother me. Besides, President Obama delivered a zinger in his speech – so why not kill them with kindness?

The Onion provides a Pro-and-Con list regarding legalization of marijuana.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Delirious rover hallucinates water on Mars
Employee slowly realizes boss attempting to have normal conversation with her
Biologist completes 5-minute study of pathetic organism in mirror
Terrifying man selling dead trees out of middle school parking lot
Slow-witted conspiracy theorist convinced government behind NASA
Pope Francis canonizes single turkey in annual Vatican tradition – Article – (I know it’s late, but I like it)

Interesting Reads
Physics, cosmology, and philosophy
Columnist Fareed Zakaria on education in the USA
Causes of WW I
The Law of Urination
Top 5 brawls of American politics
Kansas City Lightning (Book review about jazz great Charlie Parker)

On Potpourri
Hudson Howl offered a trade of Rod Ford for Sarah Palin. I accepted because that is a no-brainer.

The idea of making cell phone calls available on flights must be based on a way for the airlines to make money. I hate the idea, thus hope for a high fee and the airlines right to disconnect the call if the caller is bothering others.

Courtesy of The Onion Store, here is another potential holiday gift for the hard-to-buy person with a twisted sense of humor.

Because I didn’t post last Friday and knowing that some were counting on my gift ideas, here’s a second one – your very own creative cursing cards!

For those who dare, here’s The Onion’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.

Dancing with the Stars has been a good season. I always enjoy seeing non-dancers progress, but I don’t like seeing the audience vote causing better dancers to leave.

Pope Francis is a good choice for Time’s Person of the Year – but Miley Cyrus wasn’t worthy as a finalist.

Time: The Musical continues next week featuring Seasons, which means song titles with season(s) or one of the seasons in the title – but NOT in the form of a compound word. BTW – I love listening to all the songs! FYI: Bad news – The final act will be in January. Good news – A new musical begins!

Enjoy this version of Jingle Bells from President Obama.

Here are your weekend celebrations (sadly, not much going on)

  • (Fri) Cocoa Day, Pick a Pathologist Pal Day (here’s one who may recognize)
  • (Sat) Day of the Horse, Monkey Day, Shareware Day, Bouillabaisse Day, Halcyon Days begin
  • (Sun) Cat Herders Day, DNA Day, Lemon Cupcake Day, Zamenhof Day

Many thanks for all the kind words and support regarding the recent passing of my mother-in-law.

Because prep time has been short, I’m suspending Saturday Morning Cartoons until after the first of the year. However, I will have a seasonal treat tomorrow.

For Cincinnati, December has been abnormally cold and we’ve already received twice than normal amount of snow. Besides, the traditionally two coldest months are yet to come. I’m sending you into the weekend with the song that Lynn submitted in the latest Time: The Musical. In addition, it’s has outstanding images!

Enjoy Wintertime by the Steve Miller Band. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

On the Last Shopping Week

I imagine the major shopping areas were crazy this week – but I wouldn’t know because I stayed away from them!

We had a good weekend and hope yours was productive and fun. Friday started with a flurry as we went to our friend’s home for a holiday party. He’s the one whose wife passed away a year ago – and I must say – he not only did great, but his home was alive with friends and neighbors!

We also had some time to be at our dance studio, plus went to the annual ballroom dance holiday ball in the ballroom at historical Cincinnati Music Hall (past post).

If this week goes as planned, I’ll post everyday. Plus, I have to prepare for my holiday party on Christmas Eve. Of course, everyone is invited, so bring a friend! It will start early with hopes that the Aussies will attend.

Some of you may be looking for holiday gift ideas. Besides The Onion’s wonderful collection for kids, the home, and the one who has everything, this video will give you even more ideas. Enjoy … and have a wonderful week.

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 166

The new header that is fitting for the season – the Aurora Borealis – and with hope I may see the glorious lights someday.

On Politics
Republican leaders are having a summit to discuss what went wrong in their election bid. Thanks to the Rick Perry (R-TX) counting system, I’ll offer two tidbits: Using blatant distortions, obvious flip-flopping, allowing Super PACs to make their own ads, and questioning the collective poll-taking profession.

I appreciate this quote: “What if we could trust that our candidates would tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? As a nation could we really handle the truth?” (Kiran Chetry, journalist)

That quote goes well with this one from former senator and last man on the moon, Harrison Schmitt (R-NM): “Anyone going to Washington to do what is right will not get re-elected.” (Paraphrased, but close, as I heard it in person)

Here’s an interesting thought about the fiscal cliff negotiations between President Obama and Speaker Boehner (R-OH). If they agree, the Speaker Boehner will have to deliver enough votes from his divided caucus, and Minority Leader Pelosi will have to deliver her share of votes from her caucus.

I appreciate PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year because it happened in my state (Ohio) with less than two weeks before the election.

The Onion has these plans for solving the fiscal cliff.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion

  • Area man to make greatest contribution to world in 70 million years as fossil fuel
  • Family has no idea where dad gets shirts
  • Tokyo adds 100-story toadstool to skyline
  • Oscar Meyer unveils new wiener drone
  • Supreme Court to hear cases determining whether human beings deserve equal rights
  • The Hobbit to feature 53-minute-long scene of Bilbo Baggins trying to figure out what to pack

Interesting Reads
Debra’s post about giving
The long-term budget challenge by one of my favorite economists
Telescope at the bottom of the sea
History of AOL as told through NY Times crossword puzzle
Love this about seeds
Did this battle decide WW II? 

With a Holiday Twist
Photo gallery of Christmas cats

The Onion’s Gift Guides are below:

Oh my! I just saw my first moustache pacifier!

On Potpourri
Stats Review: Last week may have been the best week ever. Well, I’m sure much, and understandably so, was due to Guapo’s birthday. Thanks Guap! Plus, 20,oooth comment may happen before 2012 closes.

I met Buddhakat at Guapo’s birthday bash, and wow – checkout out her art creations!

Parties? I’m planning a holiday party to start no later than December 24th, so put it on your calendar to stop by for gifts – plus tell and bring your friend

Another party! With the world ending on December 21st, Aqua Tom is throwing a party. See his post to learn more.

For those enjoying photography, Otto is collecting recommendations of the best photo blogs on this post.

A Saturday morning classic cartoon post returns this week – and one perfect for the season.

Let’s go into the weekend with a laugh. Do you recall this holiday classic? Have a good weekend! In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

On a Last-Minute Monday

Our weekend was full with a Christmas party Friday evening, followed by a stay-over trip to Ft. Wayne, Indiana (3-hour drive) for a family gathering; thus time at home was short. On the other hand … Yippee … no time in a major shopping area!

This is the final week of the hectic shopping season. Stores will be busy, traffic will be a hassle, and some minds will achieve frenzy status. In order to help those needing ideas for the hard-to-buy person, this video will deliver the desire while also starting the crazy week with a chuckle. Have a good week.