On a Time

Time can be a noun, verb or adjective – and combined with about one has an adverb.

Tim is a measurable period.

Time is a point or period when something occurs.

Time is a historical period.

Time are the conditions of the moment or a specific period.

Time is a prison sentence or military service.

Time is a rate of tempo and a rhythm.

Time is a series of repeated actions.

Time is a person’s experience at a specific event.

Time is a work requirement.

Time is a fixed duration of some sporting events.

Time is a period when something is in use.

Time is what Jim Croce put in a bottle.

Christmas time has both religious and secular meanings.  Although I’m Christian, during Christmas time I also see, and am grateful for, a genuine spirit coming from the heart of many that stretches across humanity. One this day, I give everyone Christmas in My Heart, a song written by a recent visitor to these page – Composer in the Garden (Lynn). Enjoy … and thank you Lynn.

An a Carol from Elsewhere

The amount of Christmas music that is available is overwhelming. Every year brings us new recordings from a variety of artists – and it seems that Canadian star Michael Buble is a big hit this year. Then again, many older recordings are obvious classics.

Traditional music like Silent Night is recorded is available throughout the word in a many languages. Then again, some wonderful music remains very regional. This is a Nigerian carol performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  We been fortunate to see this renown choir twice, and each time, this song impressed me. Enjoy.

On a Thought for Shopping

I made it through the first week of the project. As an outsider, it is never easy walking into an organization I don’t know to take on a project that is in progress, with a deadline, and about a topic that I know nothing about. Being a gluten for punishment, I’ll return next week. Meanwhile, sometime this weekend I need to reply to the comments here.

Since missing the regular edition of Opinions in the Shorts still bothers me, maybe a Saturday surprise for entertainment purposes is in order. Let’s face it – the malls and other major shopping areas will be crazy this weekend, which exactly why you won’t find me there. But for those considering a shopping trip, keep your eye open for someone who may be expressing holiday cheer through dance. Thanks to H.E. for discovering this video.

On Christmas Eve 2010

The holiday hubbub makes us think that Christmas is Christianity’s most important holiday. Nope – that’s Easter – but Christmas is important.

On the secular side, Santa Claus is a spirit of giving that intertwines with the Christian holiday, thus a spirit that calls many non-Christians to the season of goodness. This week I featured gifts of humor, wine, images, and music this week, yet today is simple the gift of peace.

I love the darkness of Christmas Eve. The drive to and from church is peaceful as we pass stores with empty parking lots. Meanwhile, the car radio will air soft holiday music to match the peace.

Merry Christmas to everyone appreciating the greeting, and to others, best wishes to you in the greeting that you prefer – and peace to all.

Your choice of videos: Josh Groban’s great voice singing Oh Holy Night or the diverse ringing techniques of the Raleigh Ringers performing Christmas Eve Sarajevo. I want to ring those big bells!

Josh Groban

Raleigh Ringers

On the Gift of Music

Music comes in some many forms. Classical compositions differ between eras and composers. The rock music is diverse, as is all musical genres.

Sometimes music is creative. For instance, this past Monday’s post of look Mom, no hands bell ringing brings laughs and wonder. Nonetheless, playing bells without hands is an example of the human spirit.

This video is a gift to you – a gift of music. As a handbell player, I appreciate the talent of the Raleigh Ringers, who ring bells the traditional way – with their hands. Their skill gives me chills and I get exhausted just watching them ring ringing Trans Siberian Orchestra holiday classic.

For those that don’t know, playing two bells in one hand is a special skill … let alone at a fast pace. Ringers cross two bells are at right angles, and the ringer plays the correct bell by flicking their wrist at different right angles. Then add another pair of bells in the other hand. Watch the ringers on the left side. Enjoy.

Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, brings one more gift. Hope you come back.