A Small Step Saw a Big Need

Coming off the Thanksgiving holiday, I felt the need to do something for the community. After all, my two posts about Brendan Foster continue to occupy my mind. So yesterday, I drove into the city for some spontaneous volunteer work at a church that had a free clothing day.

November temperatures in Cincinnati were lower than normal, and the trend continued as December 1st was a cool, damp, bone-chilling day. My three hours at the center was gratifying, but my soul was still unsettled as I kept thinking about those seeking simple items as gloves, hats, and warm socks.

A short time ago I contacted my pastor and others in leadership at my church explaining not only the needs for hats and gloves, but also what I was willing to do. Hopefully, we can help.

So now, I also reach to all of you living in areas that experience winter, please remember the less fortunate. I challenge everyone to think of ways you can get hats, gloves, and warm socks to help those in need.

Thanksgiving for Brendan

Earlier in the week I posted a short tribute to Brendan Foster, the 11-year-old boy from Seattle who a short time ago was taken from this world by leukemia. That post included a CNN video about his dying wish.

In memory, honor and respect to Brendan on this Thanksgiving Day, I provide this ABC video about the impact of his legacy. In his short life he accomplished much more than many (if not most) long-living adults do in their lifetime.

For this Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks to the Brendan Fosters of the world with hopes that their examples spills onto each of us not only during this holiday season, but in all the days ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

A Tribute to a Meaningful Life

The past election was consuming; let alone partisans of both sides have behaved ever since. The final weeks of the college football season is also consuming because it’s the time for many rivalry games and the race for the BCS rankings. This short post isn’t about neither politics or college football, but a story that places politics and college football into perspective about life.

Not that long ago I learned about Brendan Foster, a boy suffering from leukemia. The touching story delivered a powerful message to all of us and for all of us. This past Friday I learned of Brendan’s passing.

I thought about including this in a mish-mash of topics, but Brendan Foster deserves so much more. As we enter the holiday season, not only remember Brendan, honor him by doing something that fits his spirit.