On an Awesome Journey

Breaking News

I interrupt previously announced posting because of important news. Iceland posts will be delayed. The post about Reykjavik will publish Sunday evening (Eastern US), then the post about travel tips for Iceland will be Tuesday evening (Eastern US).

Long-time visitors know my fascination with images of deep space – such as those from the Hubble Telescope. After all, I use them as headers here. (Click here for past headers or click the Past Headers tab for my page dedicated to past headers.)

The magical and mystical nature of deep space image give me a special sense of the grand nature of creation – the universe we live in.

The Friday morning news featured a clip of a video from the Hubble Telescope team. I immediately knew I had to use it here. It is an animated fly-through of the Orion Nebula – a place featured in multiple headers. The video is a worthy 3 minutes and I recommend viewing it on full screen. Enjoy.

Addition (10:15 AM): For some, the video promotes reflection. If so, please share in your comment.

On Hubble

The astronaut crew of the space shuttle Atlantis has safely returned home after what appears to be a successful restoration of the Hubble Space Telescope (Hubble). Designed in the 1970s and launched in 1990, Hubble should continue to deliver information for about another 5-10 years. Thank you Atlantis crew!

Without Earth’s atmosphere interfering, Hubble has taken us to the edge of the visible universe, while showing us that the universe is an ever-changing place – or as someone described – a cosmic dance; thus what a grand creation.

Many people may be like me – knowing of both Hubble’s existence and its successes, but only in the broad sense because I admit that my space science knowledge is weak. Nonetheless, I still marvel at the images.

Beside this link to NASA’s Hubble home, here’s a music video with images from Hubble. For those wanting more, the second video (10 minutes) tells the story of the top 10 Hubble images selected by astronauts several years ago.

Top 10 Hubble Images Selected by Astronauts