On an Awesome Journey

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I interrupt previously announced posting because of important news. Iceland posts will be delayed. The post about Reykjavik will publish Sunday evening (Eastern US), then the post about travel tips for Iceland will be Tuesday evening (Eastern US).

Long-time visitors know my fascination with images of deep space – such as those from the Hubble Telescope. After all, I use them as headers here. (Click here for past headers or click the Past Headers tab for my page dedicated to past headers.)

The magical and mystical nature of deep space image give me a special sense of the grand nature of creation – the universe we live in.

The Friday morning news featured a clip of a video from the Hubble Telescope team. I immediately knew I had to use it here. It is an animated fly-through of the Orion Nebula – a place featured in multiple headers. The video is a worthy 3 minutes and I recommend viewing it on full screen. Enjoy.

Addition (10:15 AM): For some, the video promotes reflection. If so, please share in your comment.

Flashbacks: On Grandness Around Us

Earth and the universe provide countless wonders. I uncovered flashbacks so you can enjoy some of the grandness around us. Enjoy, visit as many as you want, and I hope you comment on the post you visited.

On a Trip Beyond

Yesterday’s journey took us into the microscopic world within our own body, yet it appears to be science fiction. The electron microscope provides many fantastic images – and years ago, some patterns appeared as captivating patterns on neck ties. Because I was unsuccessful in my quick search of the neck ties I had in mind, I have an idea for a future post.

Alright – if you didn’t know, I have a biology background – but I have a very conceptual look at my subject and it’s relationship with the other sciences – even that is another subject for another day.

In yesterday’s journey I mentioned images from the Hubble Telescope, yet posted a journey through the microscopic world. So I figured for today, why not focus on the microscope, then post about deep space.

Most of my headers are deep space images from Hubble. I stand in awe as they stimulate my thoughts about creation – and the fact that creation is still in process is amazing. And yes, Hubble images influence my thoughts about not only creation, but the fascinating subject of the interchange between religion and science (which I have written about numerous times). Thus it is fitting that I end this dedicated trip with a trip to deep space.

On Opening 2010

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe evening.

I start the year with a new banner and with a Past Banner page.

As I look at images from Hubble, I find myself in awe in the fact that we are simply a small speck of dust in a vast universe of continual creation.

Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot video, one that I periodically watch (and embedded below), helps me understand the vastness. Coupled with my interest in theology and science, I continually wonder why creationists continue to give God so little credit.

Hubble images are so inspiring that I dedicate 2010 to these discoveries by not only starting the year with one of these images, but also occasionally switching to another. This image is of the Veil Nebula, so here is more information about these remains of a supernova.

Not only do I encourage you to visit the Hubble Gallery, also consider this reading with interactivity about how NASA transforms Hubble’s black and white images into colors.

Meanwhile, may 2010 bring you good health, a positive attitude, good friends, tolerance, patience, happiness, positive interactions with positive people, success, and continual learning.

On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 33

On Woodstock
Last week was the 40th anniversary of the greatest ever celebration of music: Woodstock. I was in high school in 1969, thus lived the era and its music. Woodstock conjures many mental images, but the picture on the album cover of the couple standing and cuddling in a blanket is a classic. Last week NBC had a report on the couple and the photographer 40 years later.

On Pictures to Awe
Many of us appreciate quality photography and the uniqueness that images provide. The image gallery of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope is an amazing place. See for yourself.

Another interesting NASA site is Earth Observatory with their Image of the Day. I’ve added both this and the Hubble site to the Potpourri links in the sidebar.

On Albie Pearson
Albie Pearson was the 1958 AL Rookie of the Year and also a member of the original Los Angeles Angels. Given a 9-season career with 3 teams, the rookie award, and a one-time all-star, Pearson is not enshrined in Cooperstown, but he is a hero to many. Now an ordained minister, Pearson took a chance and created a home for needy children:  Father’s Heart Ranch in Desert Hot Springs, CA – a much greater achievement than baseball. Here’s the story.

On Senator Kennedy
First he missed the confirmation vote for a Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and then he didn’t attend his sister’s funeral. Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) must not be doing well. I simply want to say Best Wishes to the senator and his family, and Thank You for your years of service.

On Cheney and Bush
Last week former Vice President Dick Cheney revealed the split he had with President Bush. I can’t recall how months ago, but this story stimulated me to recall a David Brooks column where he mentioned the policy change from Bush-Cheney to Bush-Rice. Thank you David Brooks for preparing the way. Here’s Washington Post article.

On Town Hall Attendees
Listening to the talk hall cranks shows a lost sense of perspective on an important issue. This is not to say that the Democratic perspective is the best – actually far from it. But too many of these people display their ignorance by spouting gibberish. Unfortunately for most of America, Republicans are taking little to no interest in discounting the nonsense and working toward a meaningful solution.

On Bingo the Bee
Let’s end this post with a difficult moment for a mascot. Bingo the Bee does his thing after each homer, but this time … well see for yourself.