On a Furry Chuckle

Happy December! … but the next post will toast the new month.

How was your weekend? For those in the US, how was your Thanksgiving holiday?

We drove to the opposite corner of the state (about 220 miles/354 km) for Thanksgiving at my SIL’s. Our small gathering of 9 had a good time. We avoid shopping on this holiday, so four of us played many hours of euchre on Friday .. well, actually 144 deals. Our end-of-the-day drive back to the hotel involved dealing with the snowy roads that hadn’t been plowed … but it was manageable.

After returning home on Saturday, we stayed in to watch some recorded TV shows. Because we didn’t get any ballroom rime,  we took to the dance floor Sunday evening (something we normally don’t do).

Celebrations for your week

  • (Week) Cookie Cutter Week, Festival of the Trees, Tolerance Week, Coelenterate Biology Week, Older Drive Safety Awareness Week, Clerc-Gallaudet Week, Aplastic Anemia Awareness Week, Hand Washing Awareness Week, Deaf Heritage Week
  • (Mon) Eat a Red Apple Day, Pie Day, Cyber Monday, World AIDS Day, Rosa parks Day, Day With(out) Art Day, Civil Air Patrol Day, Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day
  • (Tues) Apple Pie Day, Fritters Day, Giving Tuesday, Science Fiction Day, Coats for Kids Day, Special Education Day, Mutt Day, Abolition of Slavery Day
  • (Wed) Special Kids Day, Roof Over Your Head Day, Make a Gift Day, Persons with Disabilities Day
  • (Thurs) Cookie Day, Dice Day, Wear Brown Shoes Day, Hug Day, Wildlife Conservation Day, Lover’s Day, Santa’s List Day, Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day

To start your week, here’s commercial that the US audience may know. The words make me laugh, so listen. Have a good week.

On a Monday Argument

How was your weekend? For the US audience, did you travel for the holiday weekend? For others, what did you do this past weekend?

Mine was consumed with my mother-in-law in a hospice unit. This is my first encounter with this organization. What a difficult job to do! But a nurse told me that she couldn’t work in a regular hospital, so cheers to those you have that gift. Thanks to everyone who commented on the previous post.

Interestingly, this weekend was my last battle with the leaves. Well, I’m hoping. If not, I’m confident there’s no more than one more session.

Given the family situation, I’m unsure how much I will be able to visit this week, but I will do want I can. Then again, I know bloggers are very understanding.

My current plans involve Time: The Musical returning this week. The upcoming act, Compound Time, features song titles containing a compound word that includes time; such as bedtime, daytime, springtime, etc. Curtain time is Wednesday, 9:30 pm (2130) Eastern US.

Celebrations for this week’s calendar

  • (Week) Cookie Cutter Week, Coelenterates Week, Handwashing Awareness Week
  • (Mon) Mutt Day, Special Education Day, Fritters Day, Coats For Kids Day, Science Fiction Day, Abolition of Slavery Day
  • (Tues) Persons with Disabilities Day, Roof-Over-Your-Head Day, Ice Cream Box Day
  • (Wed) Cookie Day, Dice Day, Special Kids Day, Santa List Day, International Hug Day, Wear Brown Shoes Day, Wildlife Conservation Day
  • (Thurs) Bathtub Party Day, Ninja Day, Blue Jeans Day, Sacher Torte Day

On to the Monday Morning Entertainment to start your week. Given the upcoming Monty Python reunion, that’s a good enough reason to feature this classic clip. Enjoy … and have a good week.