On Humanity and Humility

Each day of human life is filled with many things, both good and bad; mountains and mole hills, triumphs and tragedies; joys and sorrows.

Blogs are an interesting place not only to learn about topics, events, views, and opinions, it’s also a place to see how all of us get caught up in our own micro-world of life perspectives. After all, we know so little while there is so much to learn.

Humanity offers many different characters, some are good while others bad; some with who we agree while disagreement reigns with others; some who we respect, yet we despise others; some to who we go the extra mile to approach, yet others we intentionally ignore; let alone the haves and the have nots.

On the other hand, humility recognizes both our own faults and encourages us to accept others. A call to accept those who are different, the ones with whom we disagree, despise, and see as different.

So there we have it – two human fundamentals, humanity and humility, in both cooperation and conflict with each other – every day in each of us – but at different degrees within each of us.

To me, this 3-minute Carl Sagan perspective is both timeless and powerful. In this I hear so much about humanity, yet I feel humility as it humbles and overwhelms me. Numerous versions of this video exist, but this one allows each of us to form our own applicable images to accompany our thoughts.

Enjoy and blessings to all.