On Exploring an Inspirating Mind

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of my short Exploring series. From Frank Lloyd Wrights FallingWaters, let us now explore inspiration.

All of us get inspired. After all, it is the desire or trigger to get something done. Each of us have different triggers, and react differently to the same stimulus.

Artists, authors, researchers, leaders, composers, explorers, inventors, and problem solvers are a few of the people who use inspiration for achieving at a higher level.

As you watch this video, think of inspiration’s synonyms as creativity, inventiveness, imagination, originality, ingenuity, and innovation.

After watching it, please share your thoughts.

On Exploring a Place Water Falls

For those celebrating Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful holiday. For others, I hope your day was a good one.

For the time between Christmas Day and the new year, I want to provide posts that will capture your imagination. I call these the Exploring series with each featuring a short introduction and a video – all with hopes of getting interesting comments.

Watch, enjoy, and share your thoughts about this computer animation of an actual masterpiece.