On a Ruling

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court surprised many people with their ruling regarding the Affordable Care Act (more commonly called Obamacare). As liberal Democrats responded predictably with glee, conservative Republicans also predictably responded with anger, doom, and gloom. Amidst all the rhetorical responses dominated by taglines, campaign slogans, and misinformation, I (on the other hand) have taken the time to ponder the situation.

In my opinion, Justice Robert would have voted no, but as the leader of the court, Chief Justice Roberts chose to his path based his long-term view of the court. Meanwhile, here is my opinion of what Chief Justice Roberts did.

He constricted the Commerce Clause

He kept the high court in its own jurisdiction, and out of the political arena

He passed the issue back to the people and their elections, especially this November

He assured governors the ability to opt out their state

I see more than a handful of governors will opt out, which means 1) fewer people will go into the Federal system – thus screwing up the numbers and the design so the program costs the Federal government more than projected; 2) elected officials will continue to politicize the issue, which includes using misinformation to gain political advantage

Meanwhile, the issue will divide the public more than ever, and the public will become more confused and angered than it already is. Because the public will want solutions and officials will continue to fail to deliver solutions, more people will become disillusion with government and participate less in elections – and when a political party gains total control, they will force something onto the public that the public doesn’t want. In the immortal words of pop music artists Sonny and Cher, and the beat goes on.

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 146

On Politics
Yes, the Supreme Court’s healthcare ruling surprised me, and I remain in shock from Chief Justice Roberts being the crossover vote. Interestingly though, he wrote the opinion. Here’ my bottom line: Justice Roberts shifted through all the political crap and judged the law for what it is.

Now, Congress needs to make the law better. Unfortunately, I can’t see that happening for some time.

After the ruling, I changed the channel or hit Mute when a representative or senator was commenting on the health care ruling. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

Earlier in the week, the high court ruled in the immigration case (Arizona v. United States). Justice Scalia (in his written opinion) clearly demonstrated judicial activism by going outside the merits of the case and into policy and politics.

Only Gov. Brewer (R-AZ) could declare victory in the immigration case after the court slams the Arizona law 3 of 4 times. Governor, baseball considers a .250 hitter as respectable, but far from great – and you aren’t playing baseball.

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On Potpourri
I started the week in Dubuque, Iowa – a small city (50K) on the Mississippi River.

Oh no! My first-place Cincinnati Reds are on a west-coast swing – which past history screams Oh Crap!

Sadly, it seems Ann Curry has taken the fall for NBC’s Today show rating dip. Meanwhile, I have not watched the weekday show since producers paid Sarah Palin to guest host – and that was not Ann Curry’s fault!

A classic cartoon post will go up for your Saturday morning.

This Top 10 list (below) from David Letterman cracks me up. 310 is good, but #6 is my favorite; thus those words come to mind every time I hear the song.

Have a safe weekend everyone. In the words of Garrison Keillor; Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.