On a Fresh Harvest

The table is a plenty ….


… a bounty of freshness …


… filled with nature’s nutrition …


… delivered with vivid colors

Classic 17th century European painters influenced artist Jonathan Queen to display the products of farming through vibrant colors and dense composition. Interestingly, this mural is about the fresh produce that makes it to our tables. Interestingly, the mural is located on the side of the Kroger headquarters in downtown Cincinnati. FYI: Kroger is the largest grocery store chain in the USA.

Light sets up a visual hierarchy emphasizing area of contrast with objects in shadow become subdued. I want to give the illusion of real life or even a heightened realism. I work like a pendulum, back and forth between areas of the painting refining the image as I go. I explore how the use of visual elements can drive meaning, and I want to start a visual dialogue that viewers can further develop through their own viewing experience.” (Jonathan Queen, artist)

ArtWorks is a non-profit organization employing local youth to create over 125 through the Greater Cincinnati area.

Mural Facts
Fresh Harvest Mural
Artist: Jonathan Queen
Location: 1014 Vine Street, downtown Cincinnati
Surface: 48 ft by 90 ft (14.6 m by 27.4 m )

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Thanks to Resa (Toronto’s leading lady) whose posts about street art in Toronto and Winnipeg, got me interested in outdoor art in my area. I invite readers to visit Resa’s blog (but tell her I sent you.)

On a Corporate Downtown

Downtown Cincinnati from Devou Park (Covington, Kentucky)

Downtown Cincinnati from Devou Park (Covington, Kentucky)

That’s downtown Cincinnati from a park on top of a hill from the Kentucky side of the river.  My city is like other cities because each city has a distinctive skyline of corporate identities.

Cincinnati has the old and the new …

Old and the New

I’m not sure the identity of these two

… but there are some unexpected corporate headquarters that many may not identify with this small city along the Ohio River.

Macy’s is a very well-known department store. Although its flagship store is in New York City, corporate headquarters resides in Cincinnati.

Macy's HQ


Procter & Gamble is an unquestionable global leader regarding consumer products. With brand names as Tide, Charmin, Gillette, Downey, Swiffer, DuraCell, Dawn, Ivory, Crest, Clairol, Bounty, Pampers, and many more, P&G’s Cincinnati roots go back to their origins making candles and soap. (Brands here). P&G also has research facilities throughout the city.

P&G image from University of Cincinnati

P&G image from University of Cincinnati


Barney Kroger started a grocery store in 1883 from his savings of $372. Today, with 2,400 stores in 31 states, Kroger is the largest grocery retailer in the United States. Besides Kroger, other store brands include Ralphs, Fred Meyer, Dillon’s, Smiths, Fry’s, Smith’s, King Soopers, Harris Teeter, Scott’s, Gerbes, Baker’s, Owen’s, City Market, Jay C Pay Less, and QFC.


Kroger HQ


Powell Crosley was an inventor, industrialist, and entrepreneur. From Crosley automobiles to Crosley radios, which was the largest producer of radios in the world … from starting a powerful radio station to transitioning into television … from building household appliances to owning the local professional  baseball team … Crosley is a well-known name in Cincinnati. Below is the building known as Crosley Square, which at one time housed the Crosley radio and television stations.

Crosley Square

Crosley Square


The Great American Insurance Company may not have the name recognition as the previous companies, but its name is not only associated with our baseball stadium (home of the Reds), it’s also responsible for the newest (and now tallest) building in the city, which is also topped with a tiara.

Great American Insurance Building

The Great American Tower


Cincinnati has others, such below. With all the bank mergers in recent years, I’m not sure whose name is upon it now, but it’s still a prominent building in the skyline … but no longer a major HQ. Hope you enjoyed my brief tour of a few of Cincinnati’s corporate identities.

Old Central Trust Tower