On You Hear What?

Louie Louie is a classic song. Although written in 1955, it’s The Kingsmen version (1963) that became a hit. Its legendary status includes many awards and even an FBI investigation into its famous hard-to-decipher lyrics … especially at 0:56 mark in the music.

This post is about lyrics, but not those in Louie Louie. Depending on the recording artist, some lyrics are more distinguishable than others. However, there is another factor – what one’s mind hears or even wants to hear.

Let’s take Sway. No matter if its Dean Martin, Michael Bublé, or the Pussycat Dolls, Sway is a wonderful dance song. On to the lyrics …

OldieLyrics.com says, “Other dancers may be on the floor”

I hear, “Other dances may pee on the floor.”

Check for yourself (the first time at 0:47) .. .and do you recall this video?

We were dancing one evening to a very good song for East Coast Swing. Because neither of us knew the song, we listened to the chorus for hints to the song’s title. Because we were close to the computer monitor, we checked it – only to find “EC #28” on the screen, which told us nothing. We kept listening, then finally asked the owner about the song, including my thought about the lyrics – which got a good laugh.

azlyrics.com says, “It’s better to have and don’t need, Than need and don’t have.”

I hear, “You’re havin’ no meat, and meat you don’t have.”

Judge for yourself. (Chorus the first time is at 0:47, then repeated later)

Do you hear what I hear in these songs? Do you have any songs when the words you hear don’t match the lyrics?