On a Value Merlot

This wine story may help with your Super Bowl party.

I love my red wines, but merlot is not my favorite – yet this story is for merlot lovers.

At a holiday party I met someone that I didn’t know, but discovered she loves red wine. As we shared information, she recommended Black Box Merlot as a good quality wine in a box! So I filed that in my memory bank.

The next day I’m in a wine store and during a conversation with the clerk, she mentions Black Box Merlot. Ok – that’s two within 24 hours.

The next evening I’m reading the 12/31/08 issue of Wine Enthusiast that lists their top 100 values (under $15) for 2008. You guessed it; Black Box Merlot is listed at number 12.

At about $6 per bottle equivalent, this merlot-in-a-box is a terrific buy. It’s a dry, stylish red wine, with polished tones of cherry, herb, and subtle oak flavors. If you’re shied away from boxed wines, try this you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Surely not four days in a row? Well it happened. While watching the Today show, Jenna Wolfe did a segment on value wines and there it was: Black Box Merlot.

After crossing my path four consecutive days, I just had to plug Black Box Merlot while keeping it in my memory bank … and worth a try for those seeking wine for a Super Bowl party.