Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 379

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Pronouns: The Musical is continues this weekend with the final act featuring songs with It in the title. Caution: It and It’s are acceptable, but not Its. Don’t rely on YouTube getting it right! Curtain time is Saturday at 1:00 am (Eastern US).

I may have one or two important announcement by Tuesday. If so, there would be one or two new pages/tabs. So be watching for the Special page/tab and the Challenge page/tab.

This week marked the renewal of a Halloween tradition in our condo neighborhood. The adults get together for an outdoor social so the candy seekers can have a one-stop feast.

A new episode of Rick Steves’ Europe examines cruising. Being that we enjoy cruising, we felt that his assessment of cruising was very fair.

Amazing how each of us have encounters that hit us in different ways. I want to share four of mine from last week

My wife recently had a toe surgery involving a cartilage implant. November will be a slow month here, so my dancing is on hold – well, unless she either goes along to watch and socialize or she wants me away for a few hours. Meanwhile, I’ve come a butler.

Stephen Colbert make me laugh. This 2+ minute clip is very good spoof on commentator Lou Dobbs.

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I can honestly say President Trump will not impact any of my votes on Election Day. For the record, my ballot has races for Governor, other state offices, Senator, Representative, the state legislature, and local races.

Given next week’s midterm elections, I’m raising the odds of the Democrats gaining control of the House to 90%, but retain the 10% odds of the Republicans losing control of the Senate.

From my perspective, there is no difference between the Democratic party attacks on the Koch Brothers and Republican party attacks on George Soros. Of course, during an election, neither party is willing to look within themselves.

Last week was difficult: mailing of bombs to prominent people – a shooting at a grocery store in Kentucky – a mass shooting at a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh – all three incident by loners with unhinged, deranged minds. Unfortunately, predictable statements about gun control and the Second Amendment again come forth. Whereas the focus continues to be the last 14 words of the Second Amendment, I continue to say the key to the debate is the first 13 words. After all, those are the words not on the lobby wall at NRA headquarters.

To understand the problems in today’s America, find a copy of the Roundtable discussion on This Week with George Stephanopoulos (28 October 2018).

Being that we are living in a time of a self-centered, bloviating, obnoxious, dishonest jackass holding the office of the leader of the free world, I hope you visited at least one of the four links listed in the previous section. Cheers to Master Yoda’s comment that is very applicable today.

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To lead you into this week’s dose of satirical headlines, The Onion reports the latest on the Trump boys. 

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)

Man exhausted having to explain Halloween costume for the umteenth time
Area man always carb-loading just in case
Polite high school football team runs around banner that took hours to make
Study finds placing one foot forward, then the other, remains best method of walking
Parents honor beloved dead grandmother by naming baby ‘GamGam’
Rash not going away on its own

Interesting Reads

100 years after the Armistice
10 countries gone after the Cold War
A Jew’s life between the wars
The complexity of 10 simple things
Building a Moon base: a how to
(Graphic) Growth, GDP, countries, over time
(Pictures) High water in Venice (and to think I was there 21 days before these pictures)
(Pictures) Mexico City’s Day of the Dead parade

To send you into the weekend and into the midterm elections, here’s that is applicable for me and a few of the readers here. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 49

On Politicizing Haiti
There is no question in my mind and in the mind of sincere, reasonable people that the earthquake-related events in Haiti are tragic. Yet, prominent talking heads quickly threw and continue to throw political darts to politicize the event for their own gain. Now that is a good example of PATHETIC; therefore, I appreciate Kathleen Parker’s closing comments from this column.

Surely, there should be the occasional time and place when circumstances transcend the usual and free us from the race-baiting and ignorance-pandering panhandling that characterizes so much of American politics: When God and Satan are given a holiday from the news cycle. When a president can be granted the pure motives of a good nation. When science isn’t an insult to the divine and no demon earns credit for human misery. Haiti is one of those places. Now should be one of those times.

Here is a positive column about the human spirit of helping Haiti by Nicholas Kristof.

On a Prisoner’s Release
Officials release Mehmet Ali Agca earlier this week – the man who shot Pope John Paul II in 1981. In an age of partisan politics and growing tension between cultures, the shooting set the stage for setting an example. God calls Christians to forgive one another, which is not easy, thus ignored by many. Yet in 1983, Pope John Paul II visited Agca in prison and forgave him for the shooting. In our age of pettiness and selfishness, how quickly we forget.

On 2010 Mid-Term Elections
Knowing that the Democratic Party would self-destruct was a no-brainer because history shows this consistent pattern. Of course, the Republicans do not realize that casting a vote for the GOP candidate does not necessary mean support for the Republican Party. After all, they too are a clueless bunch. Here is a WSJ column about what Republicans have to do in 2010. I do not buy into all of them, and the author left out an important one from the list – getting their self-centered head out of their obstinate butt.

On the Big 10 Expansion
Buzz continues to swirl around conference expanding by one, three, or even five members. Keep in mind that dollars (not competition) drive both the expansion decision and the actual selection. The conference will examine additional revenues from a football championship game, television revenue, bowl revenue, and general marketing.

On the World’s Cheapest Car
Tata Technologies announced their intent to bring the world’s cheapest car to the U.S. – the Tata Nano, with experts believing the price tag to be $8000. As for me, no thanks.

On No More!
Sometimes there are people that although I wish no harm, I do wish they would stay out of the news. John Edwards fits this category.

On the Weekend
With the weekend upon us, it seems like a good time to share a song. Hope you have a safe and cheerful weekend.