On the Record

People have many misconceptions so it’s time to set the record straight; thus possibly a new A Frank Angle feature.

  1. Human blood isn’t blue, it’s bright red or dark red.
  2. Bacteria causes tooth decay, not sugar.
  3. Hot air doesn’t rise, it’s pushed up.
  4. If you bought real doughnut holes, you wouldn’t get anything.
  5. Evolutionists don’t say humans evolved from apes, only antievolutionists make that statement.
  6. The heart rests more than it works.
  7. Aspirin is a specific chemical (acetylsalicylic acid), not a generic name for a group of chemicals.
  8. Dihydrous monoxide is not hazardous, but certain dissolved stuff in it can be.
  9. Potatoes are enlarged underground stems, not roots.
  10. No snake grabs its tail to roll downhill … but that would be interesting to see. Hmmm … the Hoop Snake?

…. and now you know.