All-Time Rons

Some Rons go by any of the variations of the name. Although we are most familiar with President Ronald Reagan – yet Mrs. Reagan commonly referred to him as Ronnie – while others used Ron. To the contrary, I cannot recall hearing Ronnie or Ronald for Representative Ron Paul – who oddly enough has a name of two first names like a famous Ronald McDonald who actually wasn’t a Ron, Ronnie, or Ronald, but this post is not about Willards or Scotts – it is a post about Rons like Ron Howard, who ironically also has two first names.

The music world gives us Ronnie Milsap, Ronnie Dunn, Ron Wood, and Do Ron Ron, yet another entertainment form made Ron Jeremy a star. King Arthur’s lance was Ron, but the king never faced Re-Open Nominations or had to deal with a Research Octane Number or Resilient Overlay Networks; but he spend more than one night in the same hotel on consecutive days, he was classified as Remaining OverNight. Yet, questions remain. Did he ever cross the Ron River in Switzerland? Did he ever play Rise of Nations? Did he ever file a Report of Nonconformance?

Regardless of the previous questions, there is no doubt that this post is about Rons, but not my cousin Ron – but MLB Rons. Interestingly, this post is actually a collaboration with Journey Towards Epiphany. Kimberly, the heart and soul behind that blog I enjoy reading, is from Chicago. Somehow, she mentioned that she wanted to write a post about a baseball Ron who Chicagoans adore – Ron Santo. Thus, we decided to release these to posts on the same day, so I encourage others to read her post about Ron the Beloved Cub.

The All-Time Rons surprised me. Although none have made it to the hallowed halls of Cooperstown, many Rons journeyed to baseball’s midsummer classic – the All-Star Game (AS). Although the offense lacks a main power source and the starting pitching lacks a dominant stopper, the offense will hold its own – but the pitching is a bit thin. Nonetheless, the All-Time Rons will easily outdistance the All-Time Randys who consistently languish near the basement.

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Ladies and gentlemen, now taking the field, the All-Time Rons.

1B – Ron Fairly (AS)
2B – Ron Hunt (AS)
SS – Ron Hansen (AS)
3B – Ron Santo (AS)
C – Ron Hassey
OF – Ron Gant (AS)
OF – Ron LeFlore (AS)
OF – Ron Northey
DH – Ron Cey (AS)

SP – Ron Guidry (AS)
SP – Ron Darling (AS)
SP – Ron Reed (AS)
SP – Ron Kline
SP – Ron Robinson
RP – Ron Peronoski
RP – Ron Davis (AS)
RP – Ron Valone
RP – Ron Bryant

Bench: Ron Belliard (AS), Ron Oester, Ron Coomer (AS), Ron Kittle (AS), Ron Karkovice, Ron Jackson

Mgr – Ron Gardenhire

On the All-Time Only Guys II

In the past, I have honoring teams of the same name. Being MLB All-Star Game week, I dedicate this post to the players who played and they were the only one with that name. Since there was enough to fill two teams, I decided to split the alphabet, but that is the easy part!

Wilver went by Willie, and Sanford is a Sandy. Then Lawrence went by Yogi instead of Larry. Several players have gone by Prince, but is there a true Prince?

As I stated in the previous post, since it’s my post, I have to make some decisions. Besides, given that certain letters of the alphabet decrease the selection pool.

Since there are so many names, I created two teams by alphabetical first names. The L-Z team will be competitive in the all-time league, but it would not be favored for the championship. After all, the A-K counterpart is loaded.

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Since baseball history provides so many players being the only player with that name, I divided the team alphabetically. Ladies and gentlemen, now taking the field – the All-Time Only Guys L-Z.

1B – Wilbert Robinson (HOF)
2B – Quilvio Veras
SS – Zolio Versailes (AS)
3B – Nomar Garciaparra (AS)
C – Yogi Berra (HOF)
OF – Tris Speaker (HOF)
OF – Vada Pinson (AS)
OF – Trot Nixon
DH – Prince Fielder (AS)

P – Mordecai Brown (HOF)
P – Sanford Koufax (HOF)
P – Waite Hoyt (HOF)
P – Orel Hershiser (AS)
P – Vida Blue (AS)
P – Zane Smith
P – Mosato Yoshi
P – Yorkis Perez

Mgr – Miller Huggins

On Catching Up with Sports

My goal this week is to have to post each day. Doing a collection of thoughts on a topic will hopefully help me get back in the groove after being 0 for June. Sports is today’s topic.

Tiger Woods has been an unbelievable dominance in his sport, but now, he seems to be a mere shell of himself. I’ve always said that talent differences at that level are small, and many small factors contribute to differences. In Tiger’s case, he held a strong mental edge over his competitors. To me, it sure seems that he has lost that mojo, thus is currently just one of the guys.

MLB just announced the All-Star team. Let me get this straight – (through Saturday’s games for your position), having the following rankings is NOT good enough to make the team: Runs (1), Hits (4), HR (2), RBI (3), Total Bases (2), AVG (1), OBP (2), SLG (1). The selection process is simply pathetic. How else can Joey Votto’s omission be explained? By the way, not since 1952 has a NL player who is in the top 5 in AVE, HR, and RBIs not made the team … and Votto’s stats are better than top 5!

My Cincinnati Reds have been a pleasant surprise. As I stated in my Opening Day analysis, right-handed hitters would be the key … and these guys have responded to date. Rolen, Phillips, Cabrera, and Gomes have led the way. Bullpen has been a surprise letdown, but they are getting better.

Count me in as one of those who hate seeing college football realignment. Good news is that the talk as calmed down … well for now … but remember, it’s not over. No matter how you cut it, it’s all about money and the rich getting richer. Although the Big 10 still can’t count, at least they have company in the PAC 10 and the Big 12.

With the World Cup approaching the end, I can let it pass. On the plus side, I admire the player’s physical stamina and footwork. On the negative side, the game is boring, players faking fouls is much worse than basketball, and fans “negative” reaction to those of us who just don’t get into the World Cup is the topping on the cake.

I was a Fantasy Baseball player at The Sporting News, but they decided to discontinue the service this year. Although I’ve been too busy, I still miss it.

Welcome back SnatchSports.

On the All-Time Erics

Many ladies swooned as Eric Estrada rode his motorcycle on Chips, but did Eric the Red cause Viking women to buckle at the knees?

As Eric Clapton is a music legend, do you ever think about Eric Carmen of the Raspberries singing Go All the Way?

Some may remember newsman Eric Sevareid, but he never reported on Attorney General Eric Holder.

A long-time friend’s oldest son is Eric – one who routinely thumps his dad in fantasy football – much as I do in fantasy baseball. Another long-time friend, Eric from my high school days, and I always talk about getting together to play golf – which we can never get-er done.

This post is about Eric everywhere, including those who haven’t tasted Eric’s Famous Energy Cola, the balance of speed and pep that could be troublesome.

Although the pool of players was a bit thin, this team has an interesting mix of speed and power to join the clubs in administering a few more knots on the heads of the All-Time Randys – but Randy will appreciate Eric’s Famous Microbrewed Root Beer Energy Cola to soothe his wounds.

To see the All-Time Randys and other all time teams, see Categories in the right-side sidebar, and then Sports > All-Time Teams or click here.

Ladies and gentlemen, now taking the field, the All-Time Erics.

1B – Eric Karros
2B – Eric Yelding
SS – Eric Soderholm
3B – Eric Hinske (ROY)
C – Eric Wedge
OF – Eric Davis (AS)
OF – Eric Young (AS)
OF – Eric Anthony
DH – Eric Chavez

SP – Eric Hanson (AS)
SP – Eric Ericson
SP – Eric Milton (AS)
SP – Eric Beddard
SP – Eric Show
RP – Eric Gagne (AS)
RP – Eric Plunk
RP – Eric King

Mgr – Eric Wedge

On All-Time Dons

Although actor Don Johnson was on Miami Vice, I know another Don Johnson; but he’s not either of the Don Johnsons that played MLB – but this Don Johnson is a high school sports legend in his hometown.

Dons are throughout life. Don Rickles made us laugh, and NBA legend Bill Russell wasn’t a don but played college basketball for the Dons. History doesn’t give us a King Don, Pope Don, and no U.S. President named Don, but Don Pardo was a game show announcing legend – however, not on Soul Train because that was Don Cornelius. Don Knotts kept the streets of Mayberry safe from Don Corleone. As Dandy Don turned out the lights, Don Juan started his party – but he couldn’t sing Tiny Bubbles like Don Ho.

With two Hall of Famers to start the rotation, this team is solid and loaded with all stars. So, good that even 1944 All-Star Don Johnson didn’t make the team – but neither did All Stars Stanhouse, Schwall, Moore, or Elston – nor perfect game legend Larson. Probably not a contender, this team is a solid, upper division club that is good enough to give the best teams fits.

By the way, for the other all-time teams, see Categories in the Sidebar, and then Sports > All-Time Teams.

Ladies and gentlemen, now taking the field, the AllTime Dons.

1B – Don Mattingly (AS)
2B – Don Money (AS)
SS – Don Kessinger (AS)
3B – Don Hoak (AS)
C – Don Pavletich
OF – Don Baylor (AS)
OF – Don Mincher (AS)
OF – Donn Clendennon
DH – Don Demeter

SP – Don Drysdale (HOF)
SP – Don Sutton (HOF)
SP – Don Newcombe (AS)
SP – Don Gullett
SP – Don Wilson (AS)
RP – Don McMahan (AS)
RP – Don Aase (AS)
RP – Don Mosi (AS)

Bench – Don Blassingame (AS), Don Bufford (AS), Don Mueller (AS), Don Wert (AS), Don Leppert (AS)

Mgr – Don Zimmer