On Taking a Deep Breath

Whew …. another Christmas is in the history book. I hope each of you had a holiday filled with joy and safety.

Our four hours at church playing handbells for two services went well. Christmas morning we traveled to my sister’s home several hours away. My wife met our new great nephew for the first time, plus we received the news that our youngest nephew’s engagement to a nice lady.

Since this is the week between two holidays, I thought a light start would be fitting. Consider this as the Tuesday Special Edition of  Monday Morning Entertainment. Since the video of Christmas clips from old movies delighted many of you, here is a clip of two classic dancers – Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire. Enjoy …. and have a good week.

On a Monday John

Regular Monday visitors may be scratching their head, but you are in the right place, on the right day, and will receive your entertainment nugget.

On one hand, john is slang for toilet, bathroom, and prostitute patron. Other times, we think about famous people named John as John Kennedy, John Adams, 25 different popes, John Wayne, John the Baptist, and countless others.

At this blog and others hosted by distinguished people as Al, Mckenzie, Melissa, Nonnie, Padre Steve, and others, we too know John. This Ohioan with Illinois roots is a regular visitor and commenter – yes, philosophical legend. Through his use of military history, science fiction, satire, humor, and experience with interpreting goat speak, John frequently graces our presence with his ______. (you can fill in the blank)

It’s a toast to John! If Rossini would have only had the foresight to title this famous work as the John Tells Overture. Have a good week everyone. Oops, I almost forgot – and you too John. Make sure to tell Blackjack (the goat) about this post.

On some Spam for Monday

Anyone with email knows about spam. Although very annoying, I do get amusement from the subject line. Bloggers also deal with spam as spammers relentlessly try to get their comments posted. Whether it be for email or this blog, hooray for filters.

Whereas there is spam, there also is SPAM. Brought into this world in 1937 by Hormel, today’s SPAM comes in a variety of versions as classic, lite, less sodium, hickory smoked, with bacon, with cheese, hot and spicy, single classic, single lite, spread, and oven-roasted turkey.

SPAM’s official website, spam.com, provides numerous resources as product information, games, music, history, trivia, recipes, recipe exchanges, festivals, and countless gift ideas for the hard-to-buy-for person. If you are ever in Austin, MN, don’t forget the SPAM Museum!

You are probably wondering, “What does spam and SPAM have to do with Monday Morning Entertainment?” Well, not only is SPAM a canned classic, it is also the centerpiece for this classic comedy bit. Have a good week!

On a Handy Monday

Hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl. If you are like me, your hands here frequently in the party’s food area.

It’s all hands on deck in the Navy, but that wasn’t in the Village People lyrics. Nor was Bill Hands, who pitched for the Cubs many years after Mordecai Three-Finger Brown manned the Wrigley Field mound. While five-finger discount refers to shoplifting, a six-finger discount refers to the shoplifter flipping the middle finger at a store employee when living the store after shoplifting.

Meanwhile, this one-minute video isn’t all thumbs. Enjoy the handy video – which actually is a commercial you didn’t see on the Super Bowl. Have a good week.

On a Monday Pug

I can easily recall this important moment from my year in eighth grade. Mr. Adams, our geography teacher, did not assign homework on this night because of an important television event that was about to happen. On this night, a super hero would debut complete with graphics of Boom, Bam, and Pow; and also introduce everyone to a theme song that would live for many years. And to this day, Adam West and Burt Ward are remembered.

Yet, more than 40 years later, reports exist that a certain representative from Minnesota is considering a run for the White House. Some would say that the pug is actually endorsing her candidacy instead of singing along with the theme song. Nonetheless, pets do the darndest things.

Wishing everyone a good week ahead and enjoy the pug!

On the First Monday of 2011

Happy 2011 everyone, and I hope all were able to enjoy the spirit of the holidays.

Monday Morning Entertainment posts are meant to jump start the week on a lighter note of fun, humor, or even amazement. Longtime readers know that my wife and I enjoy ballroom dance, so in that spirit, here’s a wonderful popular video for 2011’s first Monday.

Have a good week and hope this gets the new year off on the right foot. Well, in the ballroom world, only women start off on their right. Fitting, because aren’t they always right?

On the Bottle for the Holidays

For those you count on having this feature with their Monday morning coffee, sorry about not having this post ready because family has dominated the time since Christmas Eve.

Bottles impact the holiday season as they provide holiday cheer … and more to some than others. Other bottles, such as wine, serve as holiday gifts. In my father-in-laws case, he received a bottle of B&B (Brandy and Benedictine) from his granddaughters (our nieces). Whew … tasty fire water that warms the throat with each sip. Then there’s all the bottles to be opened New Years’ Eve.

In honor of both bottles and Zamfir, the master of the pan flute,  here’s a Zamfir-wanna-be using bottles. Cheers!