On a Monday Drill

Regulars here won’t believe this, for the second weekend in a row, we didn’t take to the ballroom floor. We planned to Friday night, but friends asked us to go out to celebrate a birthday. Meanwhile, how was your weekend.

Heat and humidity is hammering Cincinnati. Late Friday afternoon severe storms raced through our region, thus leaving behind 150,000 homes without power.  We were planning to go to a friend’s for dinner, but because they were without power, the gathering shifted to our house.

Cheers to our Canadian friends for their Canada Day celebration. Meanwhile, we Americans celebrate independence on Wednesday (July 4th). In other words, this could be an irregular week of posts – but time will tell.

Do you remember comic Tim Conway? Interestingly, not only is he a native Ohioan, he and I graduated from the same university – Bowling Green in northwest Ohio. While on the Carol Burnett Show, he was simply hilarious – many times cracking up the cast … especially Harvey Korman.

To start your week, enjoy this vintage comedy clip – and not that Korman (the patient) is doing everything possible to not laugh. Have a good week.

On Muppet Monday

Another weekend in the books and the start of another week. How was your weekend?

We went to our dance studio, a wine tasting of our church group, a baby shower as our assistant pastor and his wife are expecting their first child, and a graduation party. My wife also went to one of the best summer art shows in the country where she also volunteered. In other words, a full weekend for us.

Because the Muppets brings smiles, that’s a good enough reason to have them start our week. This one goes back to 1969 on Sesame Street! Have a good week! … and don’t forget the password below.

On a Monday John

Regular Monday visitors may be scratching their head, but you are in the right place, on the right day, and will receive your entertainment nugget.

On one hand, john is slang for toilet, bathroom, and prostitute patron. Other times, we think about famous people named John as John Kennedy, John Adams, 25 different popes, John Wayne, John the Baptist, and countless others.

At this blog and others hosted by distinguished people as Al, Mckenzie, Melissa, Nonnie, Padre Steve, and others, we too know John. This Ohioan with Illinois roots is a regular visitor and commenter – yes, philosophical legend. Through his use of military history, science fiction, satire, humor, and experience with interpreting goat speak, John frequently graces our presence with his ______. (you can fill in the blank)

It’s a toast to John! If Rossini would have only had the foresight to title this famous work as the John Tells Overture. Have a good week everyone. Oops, I almost forgot – and you too John. Make sure to tell Blackjack (the goat) about this post.

On Monday Morning Muppets

“Muppet” first appeared as a word in ’56, and the Muppets piloted there show in ’74 and ’75. Meanwhile, the cast of characters including Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Scooter, Fozzie Bear, and many more became stars. Personally, I enjoyed the two old guys in the theater balcony.

Nonetheless, I’ve featured this song on this segment in the past – but never by the Muppet Band. Enjoy and have a good week.

On the First Monday of 2011

Happy 2011 everyone, and I hope all were able to enjoy the spirit of the holidays.

Monday Morning Entertainment posts are meant to jump start the week on a lighter note of fun, humor, or even amazement. Longtime readers know that my wife and I enjoy ballroom dance, so in that spirit, here’s a wonderful popular video for 2011’s first Monday.

Have a good week and hope this gets the new year off on the right foot. Well, in the ballroom world, only women start off on their right. Fitting, because aren’t they always right?