On Dead Monday

How was your weekend? Come on now, time to fess up and tell!

We got some ballroom time. My sister-in-law was in town, but since I was fighting a cold, I stayed home and watched President’s Cup golf and football. One of my favorite college teams continues to do well while the other is going in an unexpected downward direction.

Cincinnati received almost 4 inches (10 cm) of rain since Saturday evening. Meanwhile, as we transition into another season, that means I’ll be attacking leaves for the next 6-8 weeks.

Frappe, pierogies, angel food cake, desserts, fluffernutters, and teddy bears give some of the reasons to celebrate this week, so get your calendar.

  • (Week) Metric Week, Fire Prevention Week, Mental Illness Awareness Week, Mystery Series Week, Carry a Tune Week, Nuclear Medicine Week, Customer Service Week, Fall Astronomy Week, World Rainforest Week, Organize Your Files Week
  • (Mon) You Matter to Me Day, Frappe Day
  • (Tues) Face Your Fears Day, Pierogy Day, Fluffernutter Day
  • (Wed) Top Spinning Day, Emergency Nurses Day, Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day, Chess Day, Dessert Day (Yes!!!)
  • (Thurs) Sight Day, Angel Food Cake Day, Coming Out Day

Enjoy the warped humor of Monty Python to start your week. Have a safe week!

On a Cheezy Return

Although my prime issue is still on my plate, I appreciate the well the best wishes. Many thanks!

Instead of vaulting back into a routine of daily posts, thought I’d start with two of my regulars: Monday Morning Entertainment and Friday’s Opinions in the Shorts. Therefore, why not something about cheese!

Some say who cut the cheese, just follow the cheese, say cheese, all you need is cheese, or just cheese it. Some hardy souls are best known as cheeseheads, and others do what they can to be known as the big cheese. Cheese can refer to money, messing around, money, and even lint. Many of us love good macaroni and cheese, and a few visit ChuckE Cheese’s for the food, and not the headache.

Humans have been making cheese for 5,000-10,000 years, primarily from the milk of cows, goats, sheep, buffalo, and moose. Cheese can be mild, sharp, aged, fresh, hard, soft, semi-soft, semi-hard, creamed, and even processed. It’s shredded, chopped, shaved, crumbled, grated, and who knows how many more. My research indicates that around 700 varieties of cheese exist, which helps make the video below about cheese a classic.

Have a good week everyone.