On a Delayed Monday

Given I substituted the regular Monday Morning Entertainment for a bunch of trivia threw some for a loop, but sometimes it’s all about timing. Therefore, this is the Tuesday edition of Monday Morning Entertainment.

Cincinnati is getting a dose of warmer weather this week, so it looks as if the upcoming rain will melt much of the snow. Although I can’t imagine that winter is over, the upcoming muddy and slushy mess will be a welcomed change.

Celebrations for your calendar

  • (Week) Wildlife Week, Nestbox Week, Poison Prevention Week, Condom Week, Through with the Chew Week, Date Week (the fruit)
  • (Tues) Thumb Appreciation Day, Battery Day, Cow Milked While Flying in an Airplane Day, Pluto Day, Crab-Stuffed Flounder Day
  • (Wed) Chocolate Mint Day (thus a trip to Graeter’s),  Single Tasking Day, Cherry Coke Day
  • (Thurs) Love Your Pet Day, Hoodie Hoo Day (northern hemisphere), Day for Social Justice, Clean Out Your Bookcases Day, Toothpick Day, Cherry Pie Day

I know gymnastics and basketball are Summer Olympic competitions, but with the Winter Olympics from Sochi currently in progress, here’s a head-shaker to start your week. Have a good rest of the week.

On Just by a Nose

Monday Morning Greetings to everyone. Hope you had a weekend bountiful with joys.

Our weekend gave us a Friday night of ballroom dance, plus an wonderful trip on Saturday to the Cincinnati Museum Center where we saw Hidden Hawaii (Omnimax Theater) and the A Day in Pompeii travelling exhibit. Interesting how both focused on life: the film about the growth of life in Hawaii, yet Pompeii was a tribute to life that has passed.

While Hidden Hawaii’s scenery was more than stunning, and the artifacts from Pompeii where incredible! Hopefully I can do a post just about the exhibit, which is on its third of four stops in its US tour. I feel lucky to have seen it!

Leading us into the Monday Morning Entertainment feature, I think of these quotes about noses.

I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out my nose.” (Woody Allen)

Go back to reform school, you little nose-picker.” (W.C. Fields)

When you are up to your nose in shit, keep you mouth shut.” (Unknown)

Have a good week everyone. Oh – the answer to the “why” question the video my spark is “Because they can.”

On the Perfect-Timing Last Laugh

Given the crazy debt-ceiling debate, a tumbling market, and who knows what else is on the horizon, all of us need a chuckle to start the week. Better yet, maybe the words of Statler and Waldorf provide excellent commentary on the recent Washington buffoonery.

Enjoy and have a great week.