On Dance and Parkinson’s

The other day I was doing some housekeeping with my bookmarks, and like any housecleaning, I found a few gems … and this is one that I must share.

Some know that I take ballroom dance lessons, thus occasionally post about the topic; and yes, I also watch Dancing with the Stars. On the other hand, I don’t have Parkinson’s disease; nor does anyone in my family; nor anyone very close to me; but I’m in a golf league with a guy whose wife has Parkinson’s and golf-league night is the small bit of time for him to be away from his caretaker role. Nonetheless, I know terms as debilitating, chronic, and progressive are used to describe Parkinson’s.

I enjoy watching the news, but this report about how therapists use dance as a therapy for Parkinson’s patients struck me. Here’s a disease with those characteristic uncontrollable tremors that seem to stop during ballroom dance. In a time when we typically look to pharmaceuticals for help, who would have known that the world of music and dance reduces the tremors? Ah yes, the power of the mind.

Here’s a report to see. I’ve also added links to additional information below the video. Thanks for reading.

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