Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 132

On Politics
Outside of the verbal gaffs, the GOP primary is becoming a snore.

Rick Santorum needs to move on to something else, but not as a mathematics teacher.

Newt Gingrich is right – Government needs new ideas. Sorry Newt – but all aren’t centered in one party/ideology. As a matter of fact, most may be outside of either party.

Oral arguments of some aspects of the US healthcare law starting next week at the US Supreme Court. SCOTUS Blog is a wonderful resources for this topic, especially posts by Lyle Denniston, who already has lately published 3 posts on this topic. I also provide a link to SCOTUS Blog in the sidebar > Resources.

On Headlines from The Onion
Long Lost Jules Verne Story Found: The Camera Phone
Study Finds Newborn Infants Can Tell if Parents are Losers
Atheists Unbless Florida Road
Greenpeace Releases Rescued Dolphins into Forest
Area Woman Loses Respect Earned Last St. Patrick’s Day
Area High School Carrying On Without 2011 Seniors

Interesting Reads
About Military Budgets
Bernacke vs. the Gold Standard
Darth Vader and Project Management
2016 Presidential Race
This Article Generating Thousands of Dollars in Ad Revenue Simply by Mentioning new iPad 

On March Madness
Go ABK … Anybody But Kentucky!

After clawing their way back into the game, my Bearcats lost to a better Ohio State team. Nonetheless, a tip of the cap to the team.

The NCAA says that graduation rates are important. BTW, did you hear about the pearl driver in Yuma, Arizona?

On Potpourri
The teaching profession has always been difficult, yet it is insanely demanding in today’s world. Here’s an interesting read: Confessions from a Bad Teacher.

See this slide show about visiting Tallinin, Estonia.

I will have a post this weekend.

Because I started the week with a Buddy Miles tune, here is another one (Dreams) from the same LP (Them Changes) to send us into the weekend. Have a good weekend everyone, and in the words of Garrison Keillor; Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 126

On Politics
Newt Gingrich came to Cincinnati this week, and I didn’t consider giving him any of my time. Even if he was just down the street (which he wasn’t), I have no interest in the boisterous curmudgeon.

By the way, no GOP candidate has 10% of the delegates needed, so Super Tuesday (which includes me in Ohio) could be a big swing for someone. These campaigns are so hungry that they are calling my fax machine to talk to the fax shrill.

As Republicans continue in yearn for President Reagan’s resurrection and return to the political scene, they continue to miss an important point – Whether conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, Americans want to a president that they respect and can believe in – and in retrospect, the majority of Americans felt that about Ronald Reagan.

From conservative economist Bruce Bartlett: My concern is that the Republican effort is just a smokescreen to incorporate phony-baloney factors into revenue estimates to justify unlimited tax cutting. How soon before the CBO is required to incorporate estimates from the right-wing Heritage Foundation in its calculations? ….. It is reasonable to assume that the Republicans’ effort to alter the budget process is just another aspect of their goal to politicize policy and institutionalize their philosophy.

I wonder how many times politicians have misused “small business” in their statements.

As the situation in Syria continues and gets more press, our pathetic politicians are a much better alternative to bombing one’s own people.

Here is a classic leading to my next section. Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) thought this story from The Onion was real: Planned Parenthood opening a $8 Billion Abortionplex

On Headlines from The Onion

  • Fantastic Roommate Won’t Stop Buying Toilet Paper
  • Man in International Airport Only Speaks Business
  • New Photos Reveal Stress of Obama’s First Term has Rapidly Aged Americans
  • Group of Calm, Confident Squirrels Stroll Upright through Central Park
  • Congressman Hurt to Discover Lobbyist not really His Friend
  • Intelligent, Condescending Life Discovered in Distant Galaxy

On Headlines from the Campaign Trail

  • Ron Paul Blames Florida Loss on Expensive Advertising Costs of Poster Board and Markers (The Onion)
  • Coke Super Bowl Features “Mean Mitt Romney (Satirical Political)
  • GOP Introduces New Mystery Candidate with Paper Bag Over Head (The Onion)
  • Mitt Romney Attacks Ben Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanac (Satirical Political)
  • GOP Nomination Now Two-Way Race between Romney and Total Voter Apathy (The Onion)
  • Right Proves Every Super Bowl Commercial was Pro-Obama (Satirical Political)

Interesting Reads

On Potpourri
Just learned about the Abrahamic Council – a group of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim scholars committed to longer-term dialogue.

Why are banks sitting on a robust of cash (thus not lending)?

Our handbell ensemble plays this weekend. It’s a very calm piece, which you can hear with a click. However, we do this without a vocalist, use different striker settings, but hopefully with the flute.

FYI: I will be posting tomorrow.

Have a good weekend everyone, and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch. Here is an interesting song to send us into the weekend. (Thanks xandi.)

On a GOP Primary Update

I remain bored with the Republican race for the nomination, yet I try to remain informed. Below are some random thoughts.

Michelle Bachmann is thankfully out, Huntsman (sadly) never caught on, and more will follow her after this Saturday’s South Carolina primary.

Here’s the reason Newt Gingrich didn’t make the ballot in his own state: He’s on a book tour! So, will he vote for Romney or Paul? Not voting is an option, as is voting and leaving that part of the ballot blank.

Although I still have not watched a GOP debate, I heard one interesting sound bite explains a lot. In responding to Gingrich’s accusation of an anti-Gingrich ad from a Romney Super PAC, Mitt Romney said he did not know what was in the ad, and then listed all the points in the ad. The toping on the cake is that none of the other candidates called him out on this.

This year’s race is bizarre. The nominee will face a beatable incumbent, yet the candidates vying for the nomination can’t defeat the beatable leader of the pack.

The Ohio primary is in early March, but I wonder if a race will still be in play at that time. I recently learned that Rick Santorum did not make all ballots in the state. In the end, odds are I will either leave that part of the ballot blank or vote for Jon Huntsman if he remains on the Ohio ballot. Then again, my wild hair side may vote for Santorum just to see the party get annihilated in the fall.

Forget the drama, Mitt Romney will be the nominee, leaving the major question as who will be is VP. Because the far right will not embrace Romney, he will pick someone further to the right so he can play the center – which the far right won’t like, but will ignore.

As for Mitt and my vote, he may have too much to overcome.

As for this independent moderate, being socially liberal and fiscally conservative these days is the Island of No Hope as both parties want my vote, but not my policies. Much can happened between now and November, but I will say this much – the thought of Republican over-reach scares me as I lived it in Ohio and watched it in Wisconsin.

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 122

On Politics
Cheers to the GOP candidates refusing to attend the Donald Trump debate.

Herman Cain and Donald Trump dropping out of the race does not mean the business people cannot run for president, but it does mean that one anyone runs for president, the need to have a grasp on the issues.

Polls show that the Newt Gingrich is gaining support from Tea Party members. I find the following points interesting:

  • The group opposing Washington insiders is supporting one. The group claiming representation of the people is supporting a former lobbyist.
  • The group claiming to be against giving money to influence decisions is supporting the one who took money to influence decisions.
  • The group claiming that Mitt Romney has flip-flopped too much in terms of health care, abortion, and climate change is racing to the one who has flip-flopped on the same issues and even more.

I listened to portions of several speeches GOP candidates made to a Republican-Jewish organization. I winced on many occasions.

A question to staunch GOP supporters: How can the race for the GOP nomination be weirder?

On Headlines from The Onion (it was a good week)

  • Renewable Energy Source Encoded in Charlie Sheen’s Rants
  • In Major Gaffe, Obama Forgets to Dumb It Down
  • Nation’s Moms Demand Christmas List
  • Half-Asleep Man Pauses 20 Minutes between Socks
  • Rumors of Extramarital Affair End Campaign of Presidential Candidate Who Didn’t Know China has Nuclear Weapons
  • Chinese Paint Tops List of This Year’s Must-Have Holiday Gifts
  • Court Rules Meryl Streep Unable to be Tried by Jury as She has No Peers

On Interesting Reads
I didn’t read as much this week for a number of reasons, so here are some from bloggers.

On Potpourri
2011 became the wettest year in Cincinnati history in October – and then we had the wettest November on record; and, we started this week with 4 inches of rain. The countdown to 2X the annual average is in single digits.

I’m a Bowling Green State University grad, thus this legit headline caught my eye: Bowling Green Travels to Bowling Green. If you find this intriguing, see this past post.

Announcement: Next week I return to a full-time project. Yes, there is the professional aspect of my brain and the lure of additional money to stash for full retirement, yet there is a sadness that I will not be able to keep up with reading, writing, visiting, commenting, and whatever else bloggers do. I will probably reduce to three posts per week soon, and visit where I can and when I can.As the last time, I will visit those visiting here first.

As for this blog goes, the timing is not good because the hits here are increasing. Thursday is one of the busiest days ever! Oh well, I will brace myself for the probable slide to come.

Our friend’s brother said this to attendees at the funeral: Twenty dies before she died, two people went to the hospital for what they thought would be a routine X-ray. What are you doing twenty days from now?

Once discovering that our hospitalized friend was about to leave us, I cried at least once a day for seven days – but I’m getting better. This pic is a closer look at our handbell tribute to her at the funeral, which I said more about earlier this week. For those who enjoy handbell music, a Japanese choir performs Beside Still Waters (arr Howard Starks), which is the beautiful song we played at the funeral. Please click here to watch if the video below doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 121

On Politics
Although more and more people are giving a hoot with Newt, the political screen is so boring that I am reading less and less about it each day.

Senator McConnell (R-KY) recommended a voluntary millionaire’s tax. Now that suggestion actually caused me to laugh!

Thank you Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) for verifying my early claim about the more you talk.

Wow – An interesting choice of words in this opinion of the GOP from a German publication! Thanks Moe for finding this.

It is sad to say, but perhaps it is time for the sun to set on the United States Postal Service, thus passing on its role to the private sector.

On Headlines from The Onion

  • “I Trained My Pet Mouse to Jump through My Stretched Earlobe,” Says Man Who Doesn’t Have Checking Account
  • Family Fans Out to Cover More Ground at Buffet
  • High Unemployment Linked to Increasing Number of Face Tattoos
  • U.S. Citizens Form Massive Special Disinterest Group
  • Please Stop Calling Me Big Baby,’ Says Glen ‘Pencil Dick’ Davis
  • Osprey Devours Lion in Massive Food-Chain Shake-Up

On Interesting Reads

On Potpourri
Happy to say that we saw Wicked for the first time – and it’s amazing how the story gets you to pull for the Wicked Witch of the West.

While watching the CBS Evening News, I noticed reporter Dean Reynolds and wondered something that happened to be true – he is the son of the late Frank Reynolds of ABC News.

See this interesting Tire Art (thank you Kay).

For those fans of NBC’s Harry’s Law, Karen Olivo, who plays the young, stern, attractive lawyer attended the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.

Thank you readers for making November 2011 tie as a the third highest month for visits.

Our good friend’s battle ended Thursday morning, and now she is in a better place. I thank her for the many moments that she and her family touched our life. Prayers and strength for her family in the days ahead, and thanks to everyone here who pulled for her. This one is for you, my friend!