Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 353

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I enjoy watching the Winter Olympics. My favorite events are speed skating (especially short track), downhill skiing, ice dancing, and snowboarding (halfpipe is unbelievable). But why isn’t there a competition of doing aerials off the ski-jump hill? Why doesn’t the sled track have a corkscrew or 360 loop? Shouldn’t there be a winter pentathlon competition involving ski jumping, luge, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, and speed skating?

I shake my head when I see Russian athletes participating. Their hockey team even where’s the team colors and jerseys except for the name on the front. The IOC should be ashamed of themselves.

The possibility of the US Men’s Hockey Team going winless is very likely.

This past Monday marked the 209th birthday of two influential figures born on opposite sides of the Atlantic: Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. The occasion serves as 9th anniversary of me diving deep into a personal study of the interchange between science and religion – yes – it was reading various reactions to the 200th anniversary that started my journey.

Although more BLINK posts will come in time, none this weekend because I have other posts scheduled around a special event.

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Another mass shooting in the US is followed by more Republicans offering prayers and talking about mental health while failing to back their talk with any action.

Months ago I contacted my Republican Representative and Senator asking them a question about mental health. I just received a response from Senator Portman (R-OH), to which replied with the following: “Senator Portman. Thank you for the gracious form letter that didn’t come close to answering my question.”

It’s so interesting that Republicans are now less concerned with fiscal responsibility – which also means that such a future stance is actually an excuse to say No.

For the fall midterm elections, Republicans have the following problems on their plate: President Trump, ignoring President Trump’s continual misplays, and force feeding party policy down the public throat. On the other hand, Democrats are having a problem finding their voice other than anti-Trumpian.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) promising a fair and open debate on immigration also serves as an admission that he hasn’t been doing that. Besides, anyone thinking he doesn’t have something up his sleeve is wishful thinking.

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To lead you into this week’s dose of satirical headlines, The Onion provides suggestions about climbing the corporate ladder.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Poignant dying words wasted on dumbshit nephew
Queen Bun gives birth to thousands of tiny rolls
Detective refuses to pry into circumstances of murder out of respect for deceased
Study finds cats only meow when they want to alert owner of neighbor’s murder they witnessed through window
Italian grandmother doesn’t have the heart to tell family any dipshit can make lasagna

Interesting Reads
History and future of the plastic bag
Volcanoes making lightning
Looking back at a fight to vote
Lincoln’s secret visits to slaves
Limits of technology: Paper jams
(Pictures) Nature’s gardens

To send you into the weekend, enjoy this classic. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 212

On the Olympics
I get so used to watching the Olympics I expect them to keep going – but they close this weekend.

The women’s hockey final between US-Canada was an epic encounter. Congratulations to the Canadians.

The ice dancing finals were very enjoyable as the top five pairs were awesome! I’m not a judge, but it’s a shame their was so much whining from the silver medalists and their fans.

The ski cross and snowboard cross races are exciting and entertaining!

For sure, for sure … and speaking for myself … there is considerable amounts of eye candy present among the athletes.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Scandinavian conquers ransack seaside village of its gold
Emergency crews attempt to rescue Olympic figure skater who fell through ice
Nation’s girlfriends admit absolutely everything riding on Valentine’s Day
Superstitious man puts bags of trash outside house every Thursday
Netflix introduces new “Brose Endlessly Plan”
Keyboard’s second row a veritable who’s who of special punctuation characters

Interesting Reads
The yoke of history by Columnist Maureen Dowd
A science and religion study
And these people are also eligible to vote
Reasons to visit Etosha National Park in Namibia
Multiple choice questions and critical thinking in science class
Economics and the Sermon on the Mount

On Potpourri
The situations in Syria, Ukraine, Thailand, and Venezuela are bothersome. Interesting how so many events are about power.

Thursday I heard a fascinating interview about US-Russia relations. Listening to experts (and not politicians) is a refreshing change of pace and a learning experience.

Our accountant lives on the opposite side of town, so earlier this week I took advantage of meeting him when he was closer while at his wife’s medical appointment. The list of doctors on the office door included Warren G. Harding III – yep – grandson to a US President from the past.

Because I hope to get one more act in before the actual move, I’m aiming for Act 2 of Life: The Musical next week … probably Wednesday night. Look for an announcement on the next edition of Monday Morning Entertainment.

For those interested in movie tidbits, here’s a slideshow about some of the films with Cincinnati as the set.

Here are your weekend celebrations

  • (Weekend) Texas Cowboy Poetry Weekend,
  • (Fri) Mother Language Day, Sticky Buns Day, Card Reading Day
  • (Sat) Sword Swallowers Day, Margarita Day, Tongue Twist Day, Open that Bottle Night, World Thinking Day, Be Humble Day, Tooth Fairy Day, Single Tasking Day, Inconvenience Yourself Day
  • (Sun) Curling is Cool Day, Diesel Engine Day, Dog Biscuit Day, Tennis Day, Tootsie Roll Day, Banana Bread Day, Rationalization Day

Regarding Tongue Twister Day, here are three links:

For whatever reason, Quarterflash popped into my head … so here’s their 1982 hit Harden My Heart to send you into the weekend. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 151

On Politics
Although I’m not a Dick Cheney fan, his successful heart transplant seems to have done him wonders. Besides, at least he has the guts to say that The Nincompoop should not have been on the 2008 GOP ticket. Columnist John Avlon did this interesting piece about Palin’s falling star.

Earlier in the week with this post, I explained my reasons why the current presidential campaign is empty. Interestingly, the same day I heard an interview with an analyst who explained that negative campaign ads to two things: excite the base and turn the independents away; and then I saw this from columnist David Brooks.

Outside money spent on the campaign to date is $227.6 million.

When will elected officials realize that analogies to 9-11 and Pearl Harbor are most likely a poor choice of words. At least Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa) didn’t include Hitler. (video from CBS News)

Here are my odds on the Republican vice presidential sweepstakes: Paul Ryan (40%),  Tim Pawlenty (40%), Rob Portman (15%), anyone else (5%).

Hats off to our Kabuki Congress that did something right this week (to avoid a shutdown).

On Headlines from The Onion

  • American Olympians using Rosetta Stone to Brush Up on English
  • England Finalizes Selection of Child to Hold Apple on Heads for Olympic Archery Competition
  • God Tells IOC President to Build Ark, Gather Two Olympians from each Sport
  • After a String of Incidents, U-Haul Closes Aircraft Division
  • New Apple Campaign Urges Users to Buy New iPhone for Other Hand
  • Curly Fries Inventor Strikes Out with Curly Veal

Interesting Reads

On Potpourri
This news from Mississippi appalled me. After the couple’s wedding rehearsal, several members of First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, Mississippi went to Pastor Dr. Stan Weatherford complaining about an upcoming wedding. The pastor did marry the couple, but in a different church. By the way, race was the reason – thus a Dolt of the Year nomination to Pastor Weatherford for not leading the way in his congregation.

No Chick-fil-A for me on Wednesday – then again, I seldom go there – so I won’t be there on Friday either.

Recently had my first locally grown corn of the summer, and wow – the effects of the drought are easily noticeable.

Interesting how 10 days ago there was much chatter about the lack of enthusiasm for the upcoming Olympics. Now that they have started, U.S. television ratings are very high.

I enjoyed the opening ceremonies. The continuous stream of people from across the world confirms the many variations of human beauty.

With his great wit, Ginger Fightback (a visitor here) is providing outstanding Olympic posts like this one (the pic alone is worth seeing). Comment and tell him I sent you.

Checkout the photos by Steve, my long-time friend.

Cheers, a classic cartoon post will go up this weekend.

To send you into the weekend, here’s something that made me smile. (Thanks Moe.)  Have a safe weekend everyone. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

On Satire Bits: Vol. 25

Whew … What a steamy late afternoon on the golf course. Needless to say, perspiration drenched me! I played well, but putting continues to cost me strokes.

The Summer Olympics from London are about to start. Let’s hope the games go off without a hitch. In the Olympic spirit, I went to The Onion’s archives for your mid-week dose of satire. Enjoy …. Any favorites?

World Shocked at Possible Link between Olympics and Big Money

Nike Releases Olympic Track Suit Designed to Limit Penis Wind Resistance

Nation to Leave Olympic on in Background

Report: Olympics to Mathematically Happen This Year

IOC Clears Pros to Wrestle in Olympics

Many Viewers may be Using Oympics-Enhancing Drugs

Woman Turns Down $50 Million Offer from Professional Steeplechase League to Participate in Olympics

Green Clad Archer Steals Gold Metals from Rich, Gives them to Poor

Olympic Kayaker Hoping to Receive Endorsement from Good Paddle Manufacturer

Vaguely Irish Guy in Bar Thrilled by Rugby’s Inclusion in 2016 Olympics

Olympic Swimmer to Return to Tank at Sea World

TV Employee Pleased with Olympic Jacket

Nation to Seek Permission to Stop Watching Olympics

Quaint English Village Bulldozed to make room for Quaint English Olympic Village

Former Olympian Endorses Ultimate Workout Machine

On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 54

On the Approaching March Madness
The regular college basketball season is over, so now it’s the conference tournaments for the conference payday – followed by the announcement of the 65-team tournament.

There is no doubt that some teams will receive an invitation to the dance regardless how they do in the conference tourney. Discussions will follow about the teams that the committee passed over and the teams that did not deserve to go. Here is my take long before the announcement. Unless they win the conference tournament, N-O to any team without more conference wins than conference losses.

On the Olympics
With television coverage during the Olympics is so dominant, we get accustom to having the games in our daily routine – and then – suddenly, even with notice – they are gone. Every Olympics brings us touchy stories, and none tugged at the heart more than the Georgia luger and the Canadian figure skater. Every Olympics provides great performances and severe letdowns. Every Olympics allows us to learn about cultures and geography … and the Vancouver games provided these too.

On the other hand, television coverage seems too canned – too edited to fit primetime viewership for commercials. We missed the Alpine skiers measured success by simply making it down the hill without an accident. We only saw less than 10 skiers in a race – all because of time.

One more thing – there are many great tushes among the female skiers.

On Spring Training
This is the time of year that our interest in baseball increases our attention. On the other hand, I’m not sure about the Cincinnati Reds training in Arizona because it just does not seem right. Then again, just another reinforcement that it is all about the money.

On Capitol Hill Occupants
Americans are a diverse people, both in heritage and in personality. In other words, there are all kinds of us. On the other hand, I hold a certain level of expectation in those we elect and the people who elect them. Nonetheless, I don’t believe we need people like Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga) or Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY). Let’s not forget Rep. Charlie Rangles (D-NY) – better yet, toss in the entire House Ethics Committee for its outstanding example of the fox watching the henhouse and the ethical politician is either an oxymoron or they simply hold themselves at a lower standard than the public expects.