Defining “Change”

Change – the word that has turned into a central theme of this campaign season. Change – the word that the partisans don’t understand it’s meaning beyond the sound bites by their candidate.

Going back in times allows anyone to discover that the change theme isn’t anything new to presidential campaigns. Anytime there’s a transition from one party to the other, change is the theme. Running against an incumbent, change is a theme. Campaigning on a particular issue, change works again.

I’ll give Senator Obama credit as change has been his theme from the start. On the other hand, Senator McCain is returning to a previously-used change theme that apparently is gaining traction. Hmmm … I wonder if that has anything to do with partisanship! Of course identifying the meaning of change could be a post in itself.

So for the sake of everyone, here’s the bottom line about the meaning of change in this election.

  • McCain-Palin: In general, continue current policies but go about it a different way with different personalities.
  • Obama-Biden: Change current policies, change the personalities, but retain the basic processes and practices (although the party would disagree).

It’s difficult for Washington to change for the following reason:
1) Too much inertia; thus an object at rest remains at rest. The more massive the object, the greater the force needed to change its position. If so, the change is ever so minor, thus needs massive amounts of energy to get the job done. Surely everyone agrees that the federal government is a massive organization.

2) Each party continues party-first ways of behavior.

3) Special interests influence both parties, thus minimizing governing by the people, for the people.

So regardless of the outcome, change will occur, but it is doubtful that it will be the real change that many Americans actually desire.

I’m Tired

Both political conventions are now over and the final sprint to November 4th has started. With the longest campaign in the final 60 days or so, all I can say is, “I’m tired.”

I’m tired of negative political TV ads.
I’m tired of rhetoric.
I’m tired of political spin.
I’m tired of name calling taking precedence over meaningful discussion
I’m tired of explanations that don’t answer the question.
I’m tired of those who determine their vote based on party affiliation.
I’m tired of all media slicing and dicing anything and everything.
I’m tired of people not practicing what they preach.
I’m tired of scripted answers.
I tired of empty slogans.
I’m tired of pettiness.
I’m tired of politicians not accepting responsibility.
I’m tired of the electorate supporting irresponsible politicians.
I’m tired of the party faithful squealing as if they were at a sporting event.
I’m tired of disrespecting the other side.
I’m tired of incorrect facts.
I’m tired of anyone digging for crap for the sake of hoping some crap sticks.
I’m tired of the underestimation of knowledgeable, open-minded voters.
I’m tired of the lack of common ground.
I’m tired of attempting to turn a nonissue into an issue.
I’m tired hearing about the other guy’s special interest groups because both parties have them.
I’m tired of people who vote based on gender or race.
I’m tired of using public money to fund four-day party infomercials.
I’m tired of distortions.
I’m tired of fear mongering.
I tired of the lack of independent thought within a party.
I’m tired of the finger pointer’s failure to admit that three fingers point at themselves.
I’m tired of people complaining that certain media is biased when all media is naturally biased.
I’m tired of the gutless following the party line.
I’m tired of the lack of substance.
I’m tired of receiving recorded political phone calls.
I’m tired of ads from special interest groups.
I tired of name calling.
I’m tired of receiving mail that distorts the opposing view and then asking for money.
I’m tired of people who cannot see the forest because of the trees.
I’m tired of people complaining about Congress then voting for their incumbent.
I’m tired of the proclamation of change while practicing and promoting politics as usual.
I’m tired of wondering if I missed anything.
I’m tired of the practice of placing the party first.

Yes, I’m tired – but I’m also one concerned, grounded, and not-so-happy independent voter.