On Touching the Core

Who are you? Who am I? Not only how do we identify ourselves, but also, what identifies each of us?

I’ve embedded many videos on this pages during my blogging time, but some stick with me. They touch my core. They define who I am.

The European immigrants of the late 19th Century and the early 20th Century impacted the world. My paternal grandparents were in that group while my maternal family remained in Europe.

I believe the majority of the world is good. In a global environment when language can be a barrier, other things can link people – such as smiles, kindness, and respect. Blogging is has reinforced that to me, and so has Matt.

The ending of some movies cause a tear – yep, It’s a Wonderful Life does it, and so does this one.

Human behaviors are complex and quite wide-ranging. That given, there is a lot of bad in the world, but one cannot deny the power of I’m Sorry.

I believe universal creation is spectacular, and creation is ongoing. From our tiny perspective, the wonders of the universe are just for us. Whether Earth is home to the only life in the universe doesn’t matter to me, but nobody can deny this perspective.

Any favorites here? Are their videos that define you?

On 25 and Me

Since Beeze and others recently did a post like this, what the heck … I can join in. After all, I did a similar post in January 2009. I have an About Me in the Categories, and as a tab; plus you can learn more about me in the Numbers category.  So here goes. Besides, it’s time to lighten up a little.

1) I did not go to school with many people, but here are a list of 25 and another 25 people not in my graduating class.

2) I like to travel, and when I do, I prefer to eat at local establishments. Italian neighborhoods in cities are a must love.

3) I regularly attend church, but I don’t agree with the religious right theological and certainly not politically.

4) Ballroom dance is harder than it looks – but hey … waltzing is a special feeling.

5) In my college years, I could use the fingers on one hand to count the number of home hockey games I missed during my 5 years at BGSU.

6) Politically I am an independent moderate. I explain what that means in this post from September 2008.

7) I not sure what the last fiction book I read, so I prefer nonfiction. For the past two years I have read of good bit about the interface between religion and science. See the sidebar for some posts and more should be on the way. I want to publish a paper in the future somewhere.

8] I duplicated a recipe Rachel Ray did on Iron Chef. Consider trying this.

9) Not only do I prefer briefs to boxers, but they must also be Hanes.

10) I used to love roller coasters, but I can easily get motion sickness now. I have not been on one since the Magnum at Cedar Point put me out of commission for the entire day by destroying my equilibrium. Yep – people walking past me while sitting on a bench made me dizzy.

11) Speaking of equilibrium … I wear a medication patch while on a cruise – and I’m in a small percentage of people who gets motion sickness symptoms 36 hours after removing the patch – but I’ve learned how to beat the side effect.

12) Watching Roy Hobbs hit the homer at the end of The Natural chokes me up every time. Here’s the short and long versions.

13) Before the 1972 season started, and to the laughing of my friends, I not only predicted the Miami Dolphins would win the Super Bowl, but they would do so undefeated.

14) I attended (and stayed to the end), the coldest NFL game on record – the AFC Championship game in Cincinnati known as the Freezer Bowl. But it is difficult or stupid to be a Bengals fan today.

15) I enjoy blogging as writing helps me think; and I enjoy the dialogue with others.

16) I can only recall praying to the porcelain god once – after too many gin and tonics at a college party. I can still recall, “Move your head Frank, I’ve gotta go.”

17) I do not like raw onions on food … but cooked onions are OK … and caramelized onions are awesome. But no onions on a pizza for me.

18) I like finding interesting recipes (as from Food and Wine) and trying them. If my wife knows I’m cooking dinner, I answer her “what’s for dinner?” question with “It’s a surprise.” Here’s my spaghetti sauce recipe.

19) Ice cream is wonderful … but being lactose intolerant (plus watching my fat intake) limits my tasting experience.

20) Speaking of tastings, attending wine tastings that are treated as a class are great fun for me!

21) I truly believe that good people exist all throughout the world, thus a reason why I enjoy meeting good people from different cultures.

22) I prefer a toilet paper roll unfolding in front, and wet my toothbrush after putting on the toothpaste before brushing.

23) I enjoy many different genres of music, but I have a difficult time with bluegrass and opera.

24) I am a contrarian by nature, and if you are familiar with True Colors personality profiles, I am a Green: “an expression of the logic – the system of existence and the abundance of this color in nature. Greens are concerned with the world’s challenges, such as preserving the wisdom of mother earth for the future. Psychological research has shown the color Green to have a calming effect and many Greens demonstrate a composed demeanor using mind over emotion to orchestrate and solve the mysteries of life.”

25) Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot is powerful, and this video to his words is awe inspiring.

26) As a bonus, I plug fellow bloggers. This also means I like a variety of topics … and most of these people visit me.

  • Beeze is grounded crazy who has been called worse.
  • David has more connections across the world than anyone I know.
  • Both Meesh and Al are extra nice (yet mooshy mooshy to each other).
  • Tim is challenges each of us, but I miss him stopping by.
  • Joe’s simple pics of life are the best.
  • Jud (?) is incredible thorough with sports at 3rd Stone from the Sun and Canton Crazy Cuts
  • Chris loves baseball cards, but were bonded by the Cincinnati Reds.
  • Luke is about archeology during biblical times, and happens to be a former student of mine.
  • Larry loves his Yankees and J-E-T-S – plus has a sense of humor.
  • Emma delivers her passion on British and American issues by researching to back her thoughts.
  • Newly-discovered Noonie is funny with her political satire.
  • I’m scared of Melissa at WriteChic … but I enjoy her blog and she’s a hoot.

On Personal Branding

Many of us have been in groups with people not knowing each other. Mark Hanson, the presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, uses an interesting question to stimulate group discussion:  determine “the four words to express the heart of who you are.” Sharing those four words in conversation with others allows people to learn about each other.

Think of these four words as your personal branding. What are your four words? Please share.

Oh … and mine? I’ll say Integrity, Simple, Contrarian, and Faithful.