On Sports Shorts 072809

On Pete
Seems that some Hall of Famers have approached Commission Selig about reinstating Pete Rose. Ha ha … fat chance Bud Selig changes his mind. As I’ve said in a previous post, although I think Pete should be in, I can live with Pete not being in the HOF, and not working in the game. But the one thing I can’t accept is #14 NOT being a retired number in Cincinnati.

On the Reds
Here’s more good Cincinnati news. Reds ownership believes the Reds are still in the race. “If we can get our pitching to show up and get our hitting to show up at the same time, we’re still possibly considers.” Mr. Castellini, you’re a good guy and the organization is better today because of you. But outside of the month of May, the situation you described hasn’t happened. The team is not very good.

On Bill James Stats
Bill James is a noted statistical guru in baseball … no question; but now he publishes a report saying there no harm of steroids in baseball. Hmmm … now what does that do to his credibility? What will Commissioner Selig say or do?

On an Alternative HOF
Larry (Nutball Gazette) sent me an article of interest written two years ago. The writer suggested an Alternative Baseball Hall of Fame for Cheaters – thus for Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Palmeiro, etc. And he suggests Cincinnati be the location because it was home to Pete Rose. Yes, he broke rules and makes questionable choices, but he didn’t cheat; and to put his troubles in the same category as the steroid guys is ludicrous.

On NFL Training Camp
NFL talk is also increasing as training camps are opening. We in Cincinnati are proud to say “We’re #1!” What other city can boast being the long-term worst football-baseball team combination in the country?

On College Football
Kickoff to the college football season is about a month away, so the talk is intensifying. Meanwhile, many of the BCS teams continue to play soft out-of-conference schedules for two reasons: more home-game revenue and padding their record to get more bowl revenue.

Meanwhile, I bummed as I just discovered that The Sporting News is not having one of my favorite fantasy games: Salary Cap College Football.

On a Special Jersey

peteroseAs a lifelong Reds fan, I think about Pete Rose. There’s no question that Pete is his worst enemy, but this post is NOT about his poor choices. There’s no question that Pete had a great career and his stats warrant Copperstown (HOF), but this post is NOT about the HOF or even his return to the game.

For whatever reason, Major League Baseball (MLB) continues to punish Cincinnati Reds fans for Pete’s wrongdoings. I simply cannot understand why #14 isn’t retired and hanging on the ballpark façade with other great Reds from the past. Although no player will ever wear #14 again in Cincinnati, MLB’s stance is selfish, arrogant, and an intentional slap in the face to Cincinnati Reds fans and to the Cincinnati Reds organization.

Every time I go to a game or even drive by the ballpark, I think about this travesty. How would MLB be hurt if it lifted the Rose ban for a day or even a weekend to retire #14 and even induct him into the Reds HOF? The Cincinnati Reds fans deserve this because this has nothing – NOTHING to do with Cooperstown eligibility or reinstatement into the game. NOTHING!

Pete Rose grew up in Cincinnati, played hard for his town, and Cincinnatians love him. Even with his tarnish, Pete is still a legend. Yet MLB is led by a commissioner who always says the game is about the fans, but continues to act to the contrary by punishing Cincinnati Reds’ fans for Pete’s indiscretions. Mr. Selig, temporarily lift the ban so the Reds can honor him, so the fans can honor him, and so he doesn’t have to buy a ticket. Better yet, consider calling the Cincinnati Reds with your idea.

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Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 5

I wonder what percentage of GM and Ford’s U.S. sales are to people qualifying for the employee discount?

I agree with George Will who states that WW II got us out of the recession, not the New Deal.

President-elect Obama is upsetting the left and of course can’t please the right anyway. This makes me smile as I’ve been hoping for a centrist.

When it comes to politics and religion together, I’m weary of evangelical Republicans. With that said, I have no problem with Pastor Rick Warren’s role in the inauguration because I see this as an attempt to work across the aisle for one America. At least the president-elect is trying to bridge the divide.

If the Republicans were running Congress, how long (and at what $ cost) would they investigate the link between President-elect Obama and Governor Blagojevich? And for those who forget, how much did Ken Starr cost?

Since the Democrats are running Congress, how long will it take (and at what $ cost) to investigate various abuses of power in the Bush administration? Personally, I hope they stay away from it.

The struggling economy is the top story of 2008; not the election. Keep in mind that the September downturn helped swing the election.

We recently lost acclaimed playwright Harold Pinter at the age of 92. Although he had his accomplished, he is forever etched in my mind with The Caretaker – the play that served as the low benchmark in my time as a season ticket holder at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.

With a flury of bowl games upon us, let us remember that the BCS is about the 6 major conferences dominating the bowl revenue; not about determining a national champion.

Baseball Hall of Fame ballots are due soon so here are a couple of HOF thoughts.

  • If I was a voter, Bert Blyleven, Ricky Henderson, and Andre Dawson would get my votes.
  • I agree with Johnny Bench; “The HOF is for the very best, not the very good.”
  • How could Pete Rose be declared “no longer eligible” when he was never eligible?